Meeting an Angel

Avalon was utterly different to how I remembered it. It was a lot less daunting. It felt like a great hall in the palace of a god. I had no fear. In all truth, I felt rather welcome.

I could hear the echo of our footsteps bouncing off abandoned walls. It felt empty. Suddenly, a creature emerged from the columns. Both the doppelganger and I raised our pistols in unison, and our instincts took over. I realised shortly after that the creature was no threat, quite the opposite. It was a beautiful, human-like creature, with feathery wings, and eyes like crystal. Recalling my books, I gasped.

It was an angel.

The doppelganger still stood her ground, arms akimbo, ready to strike. I knew that she didn't have to obey me, but I somehow knew she would.

"Okh Eshivar."

I was right. She looked to me, awaiting her order, but not in a regimented way. I would go as far to say, that I think she trusted me. I told her to relax, and that this creature would do us no harm. I smiled as her guns slipped obediently back into their halters.

The angel had a mysterious, aged quality to her voice. She began to speak, but as though she was a pre-recorded message, not really addressing us.

"Welcome to Avalon, warriors of Thor. In this betwixt world may you find the answers to your questions. In this place the dead roam, those whose deaths were mysterious and uncertain. Only when a loved one comes to finds closure, can they move on to a better place. Until then, they are left to wander the empty rooms, and ponder how life could have been."

"Well there's a welcome for you." I said sarcastically. The doppelganger's face remained ever blank.

"Ah well, Natla never made you for humor."

We both ventured on, in search of Alistair. We explored room after room. Now and again a thrall would burst in to give us trouble, but with my shotgun and the doppelganger's inhumanly quick moves, they were mere child's play. 

We carried on, hours and hours of searching left us hungry, and irritable. Then I heard footsteps in another room. Forgetting our fatigue and empty stomachs, we darted to the room. I saw a man, with black hair that flopped over his forehead, facial hair creeping through his pale skin, familiar and piercing blue eyes, and a cigarette in the corner of his mouth. I couldn't physically believe it. He was here.

"Kurtis Trent..." 

The End

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