Helheim Aftermath

I hadn’t expected to, but I awoke, and the remnants of the heated battle still lay as a reminder of the mythological carnage that took place. Amanda's body lay, bullet ridden on the icy floor. I yearned to stand, but I didn’t have the strength. My doppelganger emerged with a first aid kit and my water flask.

“It’s lucky these were in your bag.”

“I’ve always tried to be prepared.”

She smiled, and knelt by me. The water stung my wounded body, cold yet cleansing. Tenderly she bandaged me, and then poured the remaining water down my dry throat. 

“Where did you learn how to do this?”

“I never did, I suppose it is my shred of human nature and instinct, telling me what to do.”

“Well, I’m truly grateful to it. And to you, without you I would have been lying on the ice for eternity. Thank you.”

She smiled, warmed by these words. It was strange, she seemed so wise, even though she had only lived for a matter of weeks. There was something in her eyes, there was a reason she had come.

“How did you find me?”

“I was searching for you Lara, to bring you the news.”

“What news? Is it bad?”

"No, quite the opposite. I did it, Lara."


"Natla, the Atlantean queen, is dead."

I was in ecstatic shock. Those were the words I had longed to hear for well over a decade. Forgetting my pain, I sat bolt upright. All the burdens and pain Natla had caused me were lifted. I could have kissed my twin, but instead I nodded gratefully. She looked, underwhelmed. I sighed.

Oh, what the hell! 

I thought inwardly, and embraced her. It was an odd moment. She was alien to such a gesture, and it was hardly something I myself engaged in regularly. 

"Thank you for that. She was business that required tidying for quite some time."

The doppelganger smiled, and this time,  it wasn't evil or taunting. Just a reflection of happiness. But she wasn't finished yet.



"Now that I have no one to serve, I find myself alone in the world. Can I help you?"

I was a little shocked. No one ever asked to help me, Lara Croft. My work was usually avoided by all that had two brain cells to rub together.

"If that is what you desire, then so be it."

As soon as these words had left my lips, a surge of realization hit me. Desire, Thor's desire. I pondered for a moment. Then it came to me.

"Thor doesn't want an unbeatable sword, he had his hammer. Perhaps he desired something simpler. As simple as desire."

"What are you talk..." the doppelganger began, but was interrupted by the sound of creaking doors. I turned to see the gates of Helheim opening once more.

My wounds were forgotten. I ran, hearing the footsteps of my faithful twin thundering behind me.

Soon we arrived at the door, stopping momentarily. We looked at each other, nodded in unison, and then ventured further to meet our goal.



The End

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