Helheim Redux

The all too familiar icebergs greeted me with suspicion.  

Sure enough, Amanda was stood, wielding Brahmastra with a look of manic evil on her face. Misusing the sword had twisted her, even more than she already was. She looked at me with a maddened expression in her eyes.

"Lara Croft...I knew you'd come." She laughed, and her eyes glinted red. 

"Amanda, the sword...it's destroying you!"

"Don't try to trick me, it's my turn, MY TURN! I will be the sole ruler of the world, and neither you, nor anyone else can stop me."

She was right. I had no weapon that could match hers. I knew I was taking on a huge challenge, but nevertheless, I soon withdrew my machine gun, breathed deeply and prepared to fight. 

“Here goes nothing.”


Bullets rang out of my gun uncontrollably, and the vibrations caused my arm to go numb. I gritted my teeth and battled on. Amanda shrieked, and hurtled Brahmastra one full turn, and black mist shot out, stunning me. I would have to get closer to have any effect. My finger squeezed the trigger, and Amanda cried out as a I shot her in the chest, blood spewing out. She was no powerful goddess, however her stamina was a greater than I had anticipated, and she soldiered on. My proximity was my downfall, and Amanda thrusted Brahmastra at me, leaving a deep wound to my cheek. Wincing in pain, I shot again, but her mighty weapon was too much. With another slash, I fell to my knees, clutching my stomach in agony. I lifted my hands to see them stained with my blood. I gritted my teeth, but a groan still escaped my lips. Amanda laughed, her voice loaded with cruelty. 

“So, the unstoppable Lara Croft is on her knees. Now you finally understand how it feels to be alone and suffering!” She wielded Brahmastra angrily. Suddenly, she held the blade against my neck.

“Any last words?” 

Even in defeat, I wasn’t going to soften. I had tried discussion and being civil, but with the likes of Amanda Evert, such a thing wasn’t possible. Heaving in agony, I collapsed, but shot Amanda the look of death. 

“Damn you to hell.” I spat these words, and finally buckled. I couldn’t let her win.

Mustering my last ounce of strength, I pulled the trigger one last time. She hadn’t been expecting that. Shrieking with pain, Amanda was flung backwards by the shower of bullets that met her chest. Brahmastra fell from her mortal grip, and clanged, almost musically against the icy ground. She lay motionless, her only company the pool of blood forming around her. I smiled through the pain, then screamed as the adrenaline wore off and I became fully aware of my injuries. I fell back, head towards the heavens. I let a capsule of tenderness enter me.

“Mother...Father...I’ll, be with...you soon.”

My vision began to blur, and fray around the edges. Suddenly, a face came into view. I voice spoke which was strangely robotic. For a moment I thought I was looking at my own reflection, but then I realised.

My doppelganger was here.

“Lara, can you hear me?”

Her voice was an echo. It was bittersweet, really. My only companion in death, the creature made to destroy me. I had only come here to find Alistair. There was no treasure to be won. Yet only now, had fate decided to deal me this hand. I smiled weakly, and the last thing I saw was her calling before consciousness deserted me. 

The End

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