Two days later 

I had to get the damned sword back, but how? I had no idea where Amanda was based, or where to start looking. And time was short. If Amanda obtained possession of Brahmastra, then there was no telling what could happen. Amanda Evert had been ever-tainted in times where her only companion had been a monster, and she had become like it. It didn't make sense. Amanda could have left me to die in Avalon, but she showed a tiny capsule of remorse, and didn't take her revenge. So why would she return now? A change of heart perhaps? Or something greater.

I feared the latter would be true. Amanda, it seems, is easily sucked in to works of evil. But who in the world that is so vehemently against me, is still living? I could never contemplate Zip taking revenge, but sadly no one could be ruled out yet. I knew Natla was almost certainly dead. But would she really come back again, even if she was still living? Maybe. But before I could find out who Amanda was working for, I still needed to find her. In the two days that had passed, I had lost all track. But if I was going to be anywhere, I was guessing Helheim. She must have known that I would have the sword, and for whatever reason, she wanted it for herself.

And I needed to discover why, before she destroyed the world. 

The End

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