Helheim Plays Tricks

I entered a large, spacious hall. My boots kicked up the dust on the emerald blue floor. It was peaceful. Looking about, I realised a dormant yeti lay in the corner of the room. I tiptoed with stealth, but of course, being a yeti, it had excellent hearing, and its eyes flew open. A rumbling growl emerged from its mighty throat, sending tremors across the floor.  

I withdrew my shotgun, and felt sweat bead on my forehead. I was never usually nervous, but when one was dealing with supposedly non-existent creatures, there was never a certain way to destroy it, but anything remotely gun-shaped usually handled the situation well enough. The beast lumbered towards me. Shots rang out, but I was tired from Amanda's men, and a little rusty. The yeti swept my back against a wall, and the pain numbed my back, I was momentarily winded. In my anger and pain, I quickly sent out a few more gifts to the beast.

Surprisingly, the creature was not as strong as I had anticipated, and after a few bullets struck, the yeti fell to the floor. Dust flew from the ground as it crashed. After a few brief moans, the almighty beast was still. "Timber." I muttered to myself, allowing a smile to grace my face. Panting, I rummaged through my backpack with one hand, retrieving my loyal bottle of Lucozade, and attending my injuries and pain with a medipack. Finally, I regained my strength and ventured onwards. My footsteps echo louder and louder as I rushed with anticipation to the door of Helheim. 

The intricate patterns were still enchanting. I reached the entrance with speed, and rushed to open the door. I turned to break it, and realised that I still needed something important. Thor's Hammer. But said weapon had been lost in the fire at Croft Manor. I sank down to the floor, defeated. I was never going to get into Avalon without that bloody hammer. How could I have been so stupid! I clenched my jaw and fists simultaneously. Then I noticed a small engraving etched into the floor. It took my mind a few brief moments to loosely translate the Norse. I spoke it aloud, it was haunting. 

'Brave soldier, you have ventured far. Do not lose heart. Obtain Thor's desire, and the doors of Helheim will again open for you.'


What the hell was Thor's desire? A large number of my books had been destroyed, and it would take months of research to discover the truth. I fumed with anger and vocalized it unwillingly.


"Oh Thor, you heartless bastard."

The End

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