Progress and Confrontation

On a full stomach, I heard the blades swish and cut through the air once more.

The sky was hauntingly beautiful, and the clouds swept their wispy fingers over the window of the helicopter. The GPS light flickered. I had a sense of direction, but as soon as I wasn't on solid ground I required much more in the way of guidance. Birds flew below, and through the patches and breaks in the clouds I could see icebergs floating on a crystal blue sea. I was nearing the Arctic Circle, and that meant that I was approaching Helheim. And that meant I was almost at the entrance to Avalon.

I shook upon realization. My journey had faded like sand in a timer. I was almost there. The fact hit me like salty sea spray. Soon the helicopter entered its descent. As the great machine lowered down to the ice below, I heard sharp bangs. I gasped as I saw a tiny object fly in my direction and cut my leg.

I was under fire.

The copter weaved and bobbed like an angry cobra, and made a hairy landing onto the ice. In a flash, the cockpit sprung open, and I tumbled out, furiously firing my shotgun. Men in balaclavas shot at me wildly, and I dodged in terror. Adrenaline coursed through my blood, and I shot angrily. Soon five bodies lay bleeding, and their crimson blood leapt out from its icy backdrop.

I quickly dismissed my guilt. "They started it, after all." I muttered to myself, smiling. This quickly faded when an all too familiar face emerged.


"Oh Amanda, why must we always meet after heavy fire? Most old friends would arrange a civilized meeting with coffee."

"We're not friends, remember. And damnit Lara, must you always have to make a show of killing my men! It's costly to employ these days."

"I'm sorry, but if you don't already know, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself."

"I swear to you Lara Croft, one day I will destroy you." She mustered all her anger, but I felt no more from her.

"I look forward to that day with bated breath." I smiled, and then walked away, clutching my pistols for precaution. Amanda Evert tried to destroy me once, but she could never get close to scathing me ever again. I turned to see a defeated Amanda, walking away, and the remains of the helicopter burning in the middle distance.  I could almost imagine a tail hanging between her legs.

"Just like that bloody panther."

The End

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