First Landing and Recollections

The sky was bright blue, then pink, then deep purple.

I had been in the air for hours, and the lack of light would make it harder to fly. Slowly the helicopter descended through wispy cloud, and sent ripples through the long grass. Eventually the wide blades came to a standstill, and the smell of the Indian jungle met my senses. I loved India. A place of beauty, peace, tranquility. The complete opposite to my life. I had to find a suitable place to camp for the night. Making my way through the vast undergrowth and traversing across various ledges, I quickly found a suitable clearing: hopefully tiger free! Soon I had made a fire, and turned to Von Croy's notebook, eager to recall my French escapades through the back alleys of Paris, the adrenaline of breaking into the Louvre, and meeting a man like no other. It was strange and unsettling to recall his name.

Kurtis Trent.

I think he was the only man I had ever loved. Truly. And I hadn't had the chance to tell him while I was trying to bring down the likes of Eckhardt and preventing him from awakening 'The Sleeper.' I hadn’t wanted to show my feelings, hoping that perhaps once the dangerous times were over, we could have seen more of each other, maybe even formed a relationship. But the Croft name seems to be an omen for misfortune, and he died helping me save the world and avenging Werner’s death. So much has happened in my life that the words grief and pain are mere passing comments, but now recalling Kurtis, I felt something I hadn't felt for years.

Tears. Warm, salty tears pouring down my cheeks. I hurriedly brushed my face, slipped the book into my bag, and swore to myself that I would never delve into my past again. Only now to the future.


Black embers of a dying fire greeted me when I awoke. It was a warm morning, and I looked about in search of food. A spring trickled nearby, and the cold water refreshingly slapped me in the face. I had to be awake quickly, creatures would be hunting at around this time. I was right. Footsteps rustled the long grass, and a low growl shook my eardrums. I turned to see a snarling panther. Instantly adrenaline took over. I never understood how I could be so quick. Darting to the right, two bullets burst from my trusty 50 Caliber pistols . Seconds and a howl later a defeated panther lay at my feet, blood seeping from its head.

Momentarily disgusted, I continued my search for breakfast, and slid my pistols back into their halters.

The End

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