Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Return to Avalon

Continuation from Lara Croft: Underworld and Lara's Shadow. Lara remembers Alistair's last words, "I'll see you in Avalon."
So she goes to find him.
Hopefully the ending will surprise you!

- Prologue

The heat of the blaze caused my head to throb, and my eyes stung as sparks flew from various electrical items. My vision blurred. I looked through the glass of my office. What I saw made my stomach clench, and caused countless memories to come flooding back. There, standing menacingly still, was a woman.

I gingerly stepped closer, and the woman copied my movements to perfection. I thought at first it was merely my reflection, and that my mind was playing tricks on me. The 

woman’s steps were cautious. It was only when I saw her emotion-void face and her fiery glowing eyes when I realised.

My doppelganger was back.


Time stopped temporarily, then my instincts took over.  I lifted a gun from pocket, ready to strike. Again, the doppelganger did the same.

That was, until she saw Alistair stumbling and coughing nearby. She turned around, and in a flash, there was a shot.


Alistair didn't even have time to realise what had happened. He was on the floor, writhing in pain, and groaning. Then the evil woman turned to me. I began to shoot, but her reactions were so quick that she dodged every bullet. Then she began to fight back, slick, sharp jabs and kicks causing me to falter. I thought I had met my match. After every dodge she stood, her face boring into mine. Her scarlet eyes glinted, and her head was slightly cocked. She was teasing me. This was a sick and twisted game for her. After an arm twist and two sudden kicks in the back she swept me to the floor.

A final stare was a parting gift, then she ran off into the flames, and vanished through the remnants of a window.

I clutched my head wound, and hurriedly ran to Alistair. It was all a blur.

"Alistair..." I didn't know what to say, I just tried to stop the blood.

"I feel...bloody awful." 

"Sssh, just lie still."

"I'll see...see you..."

"Alistair, hold on!"


Alistair died then. I didn't know what to say. I hated loss, but I had to be used to it by now. He became limp and cold. I remembered all he had done for me, his jokes, and his laughter. In my anger and sadness I could think of only one word.


The End

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