A Special Place

In a room with white tiles, white walls, a white ceiling, a white bed and a blacked out window, Sky awakens.

“Oh God” she panics rubbing her chest. She has had the dream again. The one where Rachel finds her holding the dagger above her and beats her down. A recurring nightmare.

After a few moments, Sky stands up and analyses the room. No door, no window, no means of escaping. She stands in front of the window and runs her hands down it. A smooth, cold surface. And yet, no means of getting out of the room.

“The bed” she says to herself and turns to the bed. She drags it away from the wall and examines the floor. Again, nothing.

“Argh!” she yells and throws herself against the wall making a large dent in it. She turns around, and sees a light in the window. Part of the wall comes open, and 4 women in white coats run in the room. One holding a tranquiliser.

The End

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