The Orb

Hendrik sauntered into the room, laughing.

“Well done hero, well done. But it seems you have arrived too late to rescue your ‘precious girl.’ Besides, someone as handsome as you should have better things to do than to waste time on a pathetic little thing like that.” Andrew inched closer to Hendrik.

Malorum semper regnare, my boy,” Hendrik spat, “evil will always reign.” At this Andrew lashed out at the man. He stabbed Hendrik in the arms and face. The man burst into a cloud of dust and floated out among the gears.

“Don’t be so sure hero.” It warned. Almost instinctually, Andrew dug a soggy match out of his pocket and struck it against the nearest wall. He thrust the dancing flame into the center of the “cloud”. It began to condense, releasing sparks and hopeless screeches. The now densely packed orb hovered in the darkness, imploded, then dissolved into the air.

The End

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