Pain and Love

William entered Victoria’s chamber, whip in hand.

“Tell us Victorae” he whispered his voice wavering, lashing her across the arm. “I don’t want to hurt such a pretty thing” he mocked, but contrastingly, he was on the verge of tears.

Numquam dolorem confregit me!” Victoria screamed “pain will never hurt me” William continued to beat her violently, sobbing with her. Her face and arms were swollen and bruised. Victoria slapped William repeatedly, but he was not as patient. He drew a dagger and plunged it in her chest. She let out a horrifying scream as she fell limply to the floor. He dug the dagger out of her skin, and caressed her cheek. He rocked the body back and forth willing her to wake up. He had hated her, just as he had the others, but in another sense he had loved her. Immediately, he dropped the body, returning to his senses. At that moment, the door opened, and Andrew stood, silhouetted against the dim light.

The End

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