Andrew sat near the flowerbeds. The park was no longer deserted; all was in order, other than Victoria’s absence. Two more hideous crows landed on a perch diagonal to him.

“It has been done, Victorae is with master.” One smirked.

“Ah, Victorae has been captured, we shall continue our reign!” cackled another. “Now that she has been taken to Hendrik on Kinsfae Isle, she will never be found. She will be sacrificed like the others!”

The words imprinted in Andrews head. Kinsfae Isle. They seemed to resonate through his thoughts. They seemed familiar. He thought to himself. Had he ever uttered that name? Had he heard it from one of the many foreigners or tourists? Had it appeared in a dream? Had he read it somewhere?

On that note he stopped. He realized it had appeared in the text, in which he first learned of the crows.

He pulled the book out from under his bedpost and blew off the cobwebs. He leafed through the hundreds of pages, pausing here and there to read about any mentioned “evils”. A small note peeked from the crumbling binding. It consisted of a map of the Isle and a series of numbers and letters

B 2 4 – T 1 6 – C 1 4

A 3 5 – S 3 4 – E 3 1

T      – W 2 1 – K 2 2

L 2 5 – E 2 6 – H 1 2

C 3 3 – O 1 5 – F 1 3

H 3 2 – L 3 6 – 0 2 3

Being highly acknowledgeable with deciphering numeric codes, he grabbed a sheet of bank paper and began thinking aloud.

“Six rows, three columns the highest number being 36, or column 3, row 6.” He decided to follow the numbers, crossing them off as he went. He scrawled the “BELO,” and continued writing. He paused when he had spelled out “BELOW THE CLOCKS”.  It did not seem to conclude the message. The note ended with the single “T”.

The location of this so-called Kinsfae Isle was “BELOW THE CLOCK SHAFT.”

Andrew ran out into the darkening streets as the last flickers of sunlight danced across the horizon. The dim sunlight exposed the Big Ben’s spires, casting ominous shadows in its vicinity.

The End

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