A Stranger

Victoria stepped onto the curb adjacent to Rivet and Lockland streets. A young man wearing a crisp, freshly pressed suit followed a few steps behind.

“What are you doing unescorted about the streets? I shall accompany you?” he demanded calmly, with a hint of arrogance.

“My father is in the apartment over,” Victoria hissed the lie, “he will return momentarily and I do not think he would approve of me talking with a strange man, but thank you for the kind offer.” She snarled and continued walking but at a faster pace. The man grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around to face him. Their noses were millimeters apart. He was highly appealing, but his coal eyes looked pained.

“That was not a question my Victorae, but an order. Do you understand? Come with me immediately or I shall take a ‘less mannerly’ approach.” As he leaned in, she paused;

“I will NEVER go to Hendrik without a fight.” As he leaned in the final distance, she turned, leaving her shoes where she stood, and sprinted towards the park. Where Andrew was waiting for her, where she knew she would be safe.

The man scooped Victoria off the pavement kicking and screaming.

“Tell him that I have the girl.” He shouted, seemingly into the wind “Malorum semper regnare, evil will always reign”

“Yes, William.” the crows preened “We will report to master directly.” No one heard them. The only person with the capability to do so was two blocks away, just a hair of a distance too far. Victoria was lost forever like the others…

The End

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