This night, the snores that usually annoy me bring a smile to my lips.

Do you remember the last time?

* * *

I know the usual euphemism is sawing logs, but you must have been commiting acts of deforestation. I'm surprised your uvula is still intact. Your soft palate is made of rocks.

Dinner was somewhere Italian. Or was it Cuban? It was in some sort of communist/former-communist cuisine. I was too nervous to eat or drink. My valiance was really Jack's, seven percent. Niagara falls couldn't stand a chance.

After the age/shoesize/sign/lifeambition repertoire we got right into it.

The raised eyebrows were just the beginning.What kind of gems are hiding in the brush? Or is it merely tinfoil? Something shiny pulled at me.

Pink pouts, glossed over with LOreal kept the conversation going. They chatted nervously while Chery ChapStick inserted the occasional innuendo and utterance. Would the companies merge later? Or was this merely portfolio sharing?

Gams grazed.

Feet fumbled.



The End

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