Just Chatting

Kate Martell pushed her cloak off her shoulders, exposing her perfect figure, and looked about the darkness of the hallway, taking it in.

The last time she had been up here to meet Landon, it had not gone well, and she was barely able to keep her level of irritation under control.

Once she was sure no one else was about, she spoke.

"You can come down now, Landon." 

Grinning, Landon jumped silently down from a rafter hidden in the shadows.  Without turning around, Kate calmly told him to take the grin off his face.

Still grinning, Landon leaned against a wall. "Whatever 'tis, Kate, I've not got all night like last time. I do need sleep, y'understand."

Kate turned to face him. "Why, because of that girl you brought? No girl in her right mind would have you, Landon." She also grinned. Things were perfectly normal.

Until she thought that for a flicker of an instant, she saw his face change.  "What is that girl to you?" she asked, almost completely avoiding what she had planned to ask him.

Landon shrugged. "She was, excuse me, is a friend of mine. I know I canna vouch fer her safety here, but tis better then Alvilaid, which I presume you already knew. What do you really want?"

"Well, I want to know what you know that I don't. You were with them for a year, Landon. Write down everything, I'll read it and burn it. I haven't got much time either." Two large, shadowy figures stepped into the scarce light.

"I see. We have him, then?"

Kate nodded. 'It's the only reason I'm here now, to educate him."

Landon nodded again. "I'd best be going, then. The infermation is in a satchel on the window-ledge."  Landon slipped off to his room.

"Well, lady, shall we wake him?" one of the two men accompanying her asked.

Kate nodded. "Come, down to his room. We will wake him now."

The End

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