Protection Council.

"So, what do you know, Landon?" Reverend Jacob Martell asked him in a low voice.

"I know that the Norwans have Alvilaid, and they almost nab'd me today. But, I've a little trad' to make."  Landon motioned for the Reverend to lean in closer and paused for a moment, hoping to build suspense, then nodded towards Alina.  "Her."

"For?" If Jacob was surprised, he didn't show it.

"I want in, Jacob. I can get you information. I've more contacts then your Kate could pull, and more friends under the radar."  He shrugged, changing his tone. "Besides, the law hates me, because I'll hav' nothin' to do wi' Norwan law. I want in, and I want Alina's safety in exchange. She is a very hard worker when she puts her mind to it."

He held out his hand.  "Hav' we a bargin?" the Reverend looked thougtful.

"Done." a voice behind him said.

For a moment, everything seemed to stand still.

"Done." Jacob shook Landon's hand.

Landon turned around on his stool. Looked around the room. He turend back to the Reverend, feeling confused, and then glanced at Alina, who was sipping a dark cordial and chatting with Lalaine, another bartender. He shrugged, thinking that it was Kate looking for a talk.  With a last look around, Landon drained his glass.

Placing two more silver coins on the table, he asked for a room. The Reverend pulled a key out from under the counter, the key he kept for Landon. "The usual room, go up whenever you're ready." he said, handing him the key. 

Landon nodded, and stood up, and tapped Alina's shoulder. "Let's go, we've a place to stay for the night."  "But-" a chilled gust of wind came bustling through, and the door banged open loudly, cutting Alina's protest shorter. A figure materialized in the doorway.

"Marcus!" a girl rushed forward to catch him before he fell. Landon tried not to smirk. Ha! the boy probably had news of a seige heading toward Dehlyn.

Without another thought, Landon grabbed Alina's arm and pulled her through the crowd. He dragegd her upstairs to their room.  "Get some sleep, Ally, you'll need it fer tomorrow. If I'm right, it'll be an interesting day. 

Alina sat down on the bed, not thinking much of Landon's order to go to sleep.

The End

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