Running Away

He ran through streets, and into the market place. It didn't help that he would be easy to spot, but he could try to lose them.

"I'll give you ten minutes." the general had said. "For what?" he had asked. "To run, Landon. Because I was fond of you."

He sighed. As he ran through the market, he reflected, something he didn't do much anymore. He thought about the day he had been sent to Dehlyn to warn the right people about the fire. He thought about the girl he saw almost daily on her way to the palace. He should have warned her to get someone out of there. Anyone. Now she could be dead, and she was the only hope they had left.

"Comin' through! Move!" He rounded another corner, and thought about her, too. He missed her. He had come this way nearly every day to say hello to her. Now, he hoped he never had to nab her again. . .

Too late.

"Alina!" he yelled, hoping she would move.

No luck there. But, he was more coordinated then the last time this had happened, and just grabbed her as he went.


"I'll explain later. Run!"

So they did. They ran through the remainder of the marketplace, the Norwan soldiers in hot pursuit. He rounded a sharp corner, practically dragging her, and past the trade ships. He then noticed a raft at the end of a pier. "Hey, hold up, old man, you've got passengers!" But, the raft master was already casting off.

"We'll hav' to jump it." He said to her as they ran. "What? No!" She started to slow down. Landon glanced back, and nodded to the soldiers. "Yer auld enough to think of what they would to to you." he added, pulling her along. Alina quickened her pace at the thought. He slipped his hand into hers. "Here it comes, Ally." He began to count as they neared the raft. 

"One." The guards came closer.

"Two." They neared the edge. "Little early there."

"Three!" They jumped for the raft. . . .

. . . and missed it completely.

Keeping a tight hold on Alina,  Landon pushed for the suface. As he breathed fresh air again, he felt  Alina struggling in his grasp. He grabbed hold of the raft, which had been stopped once they had gotten close enough. With his free hand, he pulled Alina toward the raft. Seeing what was around her, she began to get angry.

"Oh, great! Landon, what was it this time?!" She demanded as she was helped into the boat. Norwan soldiers shouted curses and began to try and take hold of a boat. Just then, an officer came by, causing them to snap to attention.

"Great patrols, them Norwans. Almost nab'd me." He said as the raftmaster helped him out of the water.He grinned sheepishly at Alina. 

"Couldna you hav' stopped sooner, Cove?" He whispered to the old man. Benjamin Cove, the raftmaster, shrugged apologetically. Meanwhile, Alina was still yelling at him. 

"I can't go to Dehlyn, I can't! I have things to do. I'm not even considered a servant because of you, I'm lucky to have-"

Landon cupped her chin in his hand, laughing at her flushed face. "Ah, but it was I who helped you in hard times, dearest. You would never hav' survived wi'out me and my ol' hut. You also hav' nowhere else to go.

"So, why not come to Dehlyn with me? Tis' a last-minute trip, but I know a place we can stay. I've a friend, a Reverend, who owns a very successful inn. I can get you work there." 

Alina turned away from him, and stared at Alvilaid, her home, which was gradually shrinking. Then she looked down at the water. "You owe me three silver coins." She snapped.

The End

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