On the inside

At last, Landon thought.

The note betraying him and the junior secretary, who had nothing to do with him, by spies placed around him. Sure, he had let them follow him, but not to his true home.

He sighed as he remembered sending Alina off to work for an inn, and live there as well. He missed her company.

Alina. He had said to her one day. It's time for you to go. 

"But why?" She had asked him. So, he told her what was right. "It is time." he said again. "Yer auld enough to fend fer y'self now. It would be imprudent, scandalous, if someone knew where you lived and how. You would never marry, Ally. None would have ye. Do you want that?" She had shaken her head. He had sent her off, and gone to fix himself up with a new place.

He couldn't believe he had gotten away with it for so long. Nineteen, and he knew more of the Norwans than any person in Alvilaid who wasn't one of them truly.

For a while, he had almost believed the head of the Norwan army. He sat down at his desk as usual, saying hi to the beautiful junior secretary (the only good thing about the acursed fools who thought that they could take Soori!), and he knew this was it.

He had been called at urgency, by a very aggrivated second in command for a meeting with the head of the Norwan army.

Next thing he knew, he was running for his life once again.

The End

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