Anemone is a mermaid. She is only young when she sees her first human, tipping her world upside down. Is there really life above? If so, can she go there? Meet these tailless creatures? She longs to find out...

Anemone was only ten when she first saw her first land-men. 

She had been playing with her favourite dolphin, Kelphie and had inadvertantly swum over the boundaries her father had set her. It wasn't until too late that she saw them. The weird creatures, dressed in what looked like dolphin skin from head to tail-tip. Only that was the thing, they didn't have tails. They looked like Merpeople who had had their tails sliced in half, with each half working independently. They moved slowly, with big, rock- like things on their backs. Anemone could not see their eyes, as they were covered with what looked like large pieces of the pretty seaglass her and her sisters sometimes made jewellery from.Their noses and mouths were obscured also, and worst of all, there were no gills on their necks. It shocked and appalled Anemone as much as their tailless-ness did. In the space of a few seconds her life had been turned upside down. Who were these creatures? Why didn't they have gills, or tails? Where did they live if they didn't live in the water? Anemone was scared and appalled by these strange beings, but also highly curious. 

The creatures eventually swam out of sight, up toward the surface, allowing Anemone to swim slowly out from the thick forest of seaweed in which she had been hiding. She whistled softly and Kelphie shot forward, looking scared.

"I know boy, that was weird. Lets go home, I'll ask daddy all about those tailleses." She murmured. Kelphie squeaked agitatedly in reply, obviously wanting to get away. Anemone nodded and took hold of his fin in her palms. Pressing her turqouisey scales against his smooth grey skin, she clicked her toungue.

"Home, Kelphie," She called. 

Then they were away. Darting through the water going closer and closer to the surface. Then Kelphie leapt, as he often did, to get his air. That was when it dawned on Anemone. Perhaps these creatures breathed Air. But where did they live? She would ask her father once she got home. 

Kelphie dived once more and dropped her off near the village. Even from here she could see her father outside their house, his arms folded. He was angry... 

The End

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