Stupid Landing Gear

Gandel's ship arrived at Kastor within a good couple of hours. Gandel spent that time trying to remain occupied. He played games, like the one where you blocks out from under each other and then place them on top, seeing how high you can go... the one where you move a piece around a board and buy property with fake money (he was always very good at that one), and old fashioned chess. He listened to music, and organized a few of his things... still, it didn't stop him from becoming bored.

However, when they finally arrived, Gandel was all giddy with excitement. The first step towards obtaining his dream, the ultimate utopia, he practically collapsed from happiness. (Not literally, mind you, it's just an expression). However, as per protocol...

"Please identify your ship."

Gandel took the control. "This is the starship Ixion, requesting permission to land."

"Stand by for scanning." The voice over the comm said, and they proceeded to scan the ship. Suddenly an alarm blared. "You have significant damage to the underside of your craft, sir. Landing will be impossible until it is fixed."

Well, you can probably imagine Gandel's response. He started cursing and swearing (thankfully off the comm), and demanded that someone go out and fix the landing gear. The person on the comm link continued. "Sir, landing on the surface of our world is not possible, but head to the nearby orbital outpost and the specialists there should be able to fix the landing gear in three hours tops. They work fast, so it may very well be sooner."

"Fine." Gandel replied , venom in his voice. "I swear, if one more thing goes wrong... if one more thing goes wrong today..."

The End

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