Always the crying at weddings

Fifi moved the craft to slow down a bit. They had gotten close enough to the Kastor system, that if he kept going, he'd cause damage to a planet. His reptile eyes blinking side ways as he looked at the dial. He turns to tell his Hun what was on the dial, "nope, people asking for clearance, currently."

Kim got up from his pile of pillows--both flesh and fabric, "yes, we are clear, right now."

Fifi hit the usual dials and controls on the wall. Water condensation beading on his face--his tongue darts out of his mouth to grab it before it runs into one of his nostrils. The navigation panels, exit and non-personal communications system were all along a wall. Usually with some tapestries or pillows against it.

The personal ones, were usually disposable. Fifi understood the ideas behind slamming the communications system down hard enough to break it. The Neophyte Ships had a tendency to lack the disposable communication systems--which just seemed to make things a bit less personal in the conversations. Some of the Neophytes had systems that rested in their ears--which if you got off on smacking yourself in the head, that worked.

The first time Kim was offered on, he tried putting it onto one of his harem... the Neophyte had a bit of time explaining how a system to communicate over was not able to be slammed. Just as well, Kim was irritated at the notion of putting a disposable com into a harem girls face. Such violence on a person was never good--unless you wanted them dead. Even then, killing a harem girl over somebody asking for Prince Allan in a Container, just seemed a bit much.

The nonpersonal communication beeped up--something about what they said not being a valid thing to allow them into the Kastor system for the Wedding it looked like. Fifi hit something to ask for a personal message. The disposable com by Kim made a noise akin to nagging. Like a mother would do--a mother that helped raise Kim there. Kim instinctively activates the personal communication system, "uh, sir--you wanted to know about your access... ... woo.. boy"

The person likely saw Kim in a large sea of pillows. Most of them fabric. Kim looked at the personal comm, "yes, why did you not accept my codes, right now?"

Fifi heard the voice, "uh--this is a joke. A prank? Right?"

Kim getting a bit irritated, "No, a fancy to do is going on. I'm positive that showing up is happening."

The voice made a nearly audible noise of three ellipses, then "this is Klacksen's doing... I know it is his. I am just letting you guys through. Next time the Benson Blasters' Cheerleading squad shows up, I am taking holiday time... it is just... I should have seen this happening."

Kim puts the personal communication device down casually--where as Fifi noted they had gotten clearance. The tight quarters ship was deccelerating and nearly at the ceremonies.

The End

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