"Mr. Gandel, as much as we have enjoyed your past efforts, I'm afraid that we must protest to your latest endeavors. You know that colonization of Hyla VI is against the laws of this side of space." The manager told the Valian planner.

Among the most ingenious races of the universe, the Valians are very similar to humans but have many differing characteristics: maximum height is often only 4 feet, their skin is completely hairless save for the tops of their heads, and said hair is often a very bright color. However, to get between a Valian and his vision is never a good idea.

"Protest? Protest?!" Gandel began, honestly taken aback by his benefactors' refusal to let him build a brand new city. "Listen to me for a moment. Hyla VI is the perfect location for what I have planned. Clean air, clean streets, clean energy. This planet is absolutely perfect, and you're telling me that I can't build here because of some silly law?"

"You could always talk to a representative of the Earth Government. They have current legal rights to this world at the moment." One of the men on the board stated.

"I suppose that is what I have to do. Where would the nearest official of the Earth Government be at this moment?"

"Kastor, sir."

"Very well," Gandel stated, pussing a lock of bright blue hair out of his eyes. "In the meantime, send probes to the Hyla VI's surface. I want to know the pressure of the atmosphere before I begin construction."


"Sorry... if we begin construction at all." He corrected himself before his employer. And believe me, I will.

The End

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