The Risky Addition

The Mongrel Vessel hung out by the asteroid belt. An overweight, hairy ape man, who seemed to work to at anything enhance his pheromones sat at the Captain pillow--that included sweating so much, that the outside of the ship always seemed too thin for Fifi. His clothing tacky and ornate. In all modern styles of course--he was not one of the vintage kind. It was however still over done and too ornate, in the modern style. Fifi, the Reploid retainer sat right below the Mongrel that pointed the direction of where he is to go.

Fifi looked over the ship--as he did, because there was not much for space here--only so many things to look at. It was cramped environments. That mostly was filled with pillows, blankets and textile based products. The Neophyte Humans tended to more plastic and wood filled interiors. If any chanced upon a Mongrel ship, the notion of hammocks filling it surprised them. There were rumours of course, of the large concubine groups the Mongrels kept. That most Neophytes joked about having. Though, most Neophytes had issues understanding they'd likely be the concubine, not the "Husband".

"Hun Kim, What about several Neophyte ships sailing recently?"

The overweight hairy ape man, whom Fifi owed his life too stood up, "Yes, is there any kind of event today?" pointing around--implying nearby.

Fifi looked on the list, "no, but few days sail one is situated."

"Good, when from now?"

"Improper, but we sail and reach it day late."

The overweight man, urging one of his concubines to hand over more food and drink. "Just fine, we royalty will be there a day late. Casual, we need to keep pace."

It was always an odd endeavour whenever they showed up to anything. See, the current humans in space tended to assume they were the first from their planet to get up here. They tend to pretend that the Mongrel Hoards never got the ability to get up here. For some reason, most of them do not even believe the Mongrels capable of gaining the technology for space flight.

For those reason, the various Mongrel cities--where the best and the brightest truly live. Are all in classified ares of space. Do not fly zones. Many of the high ups in the neophyte humans are of a group that followed a prophet that none of the Mongrel records properly name. A fair amount of the neophyte human history is written differently. Mostly due to just different values to be kept as important.

Anywhere there was anything to do with sensual touch, or celebration of intelligence seems more prevalent in Mongrel records. The Neophyte records mostly contain anything that reflected violence or the attack on intelligent people. Which is particularly odd--though it does explain why they act so odd.

Before even humans found space, various Cloptias gained space travel. A proud history yes... too proud. Which is why we are subservient "Reploids" now. The Mongrels came out into space, asked the Cloptias to join them, give them their intelligence or die. The Cloptias chose die... and thus only the "Reploids" remained. Which serve to be subservient to any race that seems to have the ability to get off their rocks without blowing themselves up... too terribly often.

Fifi strolled around, and straighted a few things up. Only a few things--he was raised on the lax movements of the Mongrels. Which did not seem anywhere near in the same hurry as the current Neophytes. The mongrel vessel lurched a bit--the cramped quarters kicked a bit, as it slowly moved its way to the party.

Hopefully they'd know not to insult Hun Kim... as they really seem to scurry around even more when a few of them die. Fifi yawns, and looks over at Hun Kim enjoying himself a bit. It was a Neophyte tradition to chastity, that puzzled Fifi, like most Reploids. Fifi knew it to mean just taking a few orders that seemed a bit meaningless, but they filled his time. Only momentarily were they entertaining.

Yawning, he curls up on some pillows and blankets.

The End

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