Overture: Dawn.

A door is thrown open wide as leather shoes connect with marble floors. A sound echoes over the P.A. System.
“The government of Earth today announced a pledge to maintain peace with the planet Kastor.”
Tap tap tap tap tap.
“Christ... can you believe it, Katie? I just said 'planet'.”
She is young and naïve. She has her life in front of her. She is not the Katie of the newscast. She is not the mouthpiece of an organisation. She is a living, breathing woman.
“I know, Anderson.”
“The government of Earth today announced... they announced peace, everyone. If I may...”
She calls for Gary. She calls for Gary, who has a simple job.
“We have made contact. We have made contact and there is nothing to be afraid of.”
She calls for Gary, the clerk assigned the task of placing an object of importance into a vault. It's not terribly important. It is simply a gift.
“This is the day that writers have dreamt of.”
She tries the door to the vault. It is unlocked. She is aware of procedure, and understands that either Gary is in or Gary is out of a job.
“This is the point where we just sit down, take a breath and go 'wow'.”
She holds a button down on her phone and it becomes a flashlight. There are glowing shapes cast on walls. These are reflections in the storehouse.
The sound is muffled now as the timed vault door closes behind her, not locking – simply closing. There are murmurs in the background as she paces her way through the room. A clattering noise as a box falls. She casts her light on it – there is nothing inside.
A sigh of relief.
She calls for Gary, hoping he'll respond. There is nothing but the whirring of air conditioners. She stops to double check a shadow.
She whispers his name, worried. She whispers it in a slightly raised tone as the shadow turns to face her. Gary, the clerk with the simple job, who she hoped would respond, is clutching an object and smeared with blood. She can see it in her phone-light.
Shadows are cast against the wall as she drops it. Their shadows mingle as he lunges for her.
“If I might, I'd like to raise a toast. A toast to a new era in planet Earth. Here's to a future where we aren't haunted by our past, but instead embrace the future.” 

The End

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