Hidden Treasure?

You move over towards the chest. It's a simple and modern affair, silver trim with a textured metal on the surfaces and a big pad-lock on the front. It's reasonable to assume that if you hit it with something hard enough, the lock will break open- it's big, but it doesn't seem particularly well made.

 A quick search of the room reveals what you're looking for under the bed- an aluminum baseball bat should work well enough. It takes a few tries to be able to pick it up without a physical form, and even then it's tiring, but you don't have much else to do. You bring it over to the chest and slam it down onto the lock-

A few seconds later, you realize you're lying on the floor. The chest seems untouched, but you can't imagine what might have happened to the bat you were holding. More than that, it seems strange that Tristan is still asleep. A silent blast? You can only hazard a guess that there must have been some kind of protective spell on the lock to prevent someone from breaking it.

Well, that's out of the question because you don't feel particularly masochistic today. What else to do while you wait for Tristan to wake up...?

Read Tristan's diary: Not-So-Secret Journal

Settle down and wait: The First Day

The End

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