Not-So-Secret Journal

You can't help but be curious about your new partner. Considering that, at least for now, Tristan is the only person you know you can talk to, and you really have no reason to blab his secrets even if you can be heard by others, you hope he won't mind if you educate yourself a bit before morning. With a bit of effort, you flip open his journal and take a look through the pages. The book seems to be rather new, and for some reason the writing glows to your sensitive- well, you aren't sure if you have eyes, really,- but it's still readable.

January 10th

Today we're moving to the new house. I shouldn't say new, it was Grandpa's house before he died, and dad inherited it. I don't understand why we just had to move here but dad said something about having to move to be able to claim the inheritance- also it's supposed to be huge. Mum said I can pick a room wherever I want and get a pet if I want to, which I guess makes up for some things. Not really enough though. Still seven hours until we get there.

January 11th

We got to the house late last night. I walked in and collapsed onto one of the beds, we didn't bother unpacking anything. There are boxes all over the house right now, but we're working on them right now. The house is huge! The old furniture is still here, and it looks like it has been for a few centuries, but there are outlets all over the place and dad said we'll have highspeed internet by the end of the week. I can't find the box with my Xbox in it though, so I guess I'll just explore a bit after we finish unpacking for today.

January 12th

I was looking through the library in the basement today and I found a lot of funny books. I guess my grandparents were into some strange things- astrology, mythology, herblore, and some history books too. Mom and dad only said that they were 'eccentric' whatever that's supposed to mean. I went back downstairs after and there was a book out on the table even though nobody else was down there. I bet dad was just trying to freak me out by sneaking around. It's supposed to be our family history, maybe I'll look into it later.

January 13th

This book has to be fiction. I mean I love the story, but it traces us back to 'Merlin', who I'm pretty sure didn't exist. It lists a lot of people in our family as 'mages', 'archmages' and 'sorceress' and things like that. I guess one of my relatives had some kind of obsession with magic? Or maybe all of them. It would explain the funny books everywhere. Dad's really religious though, which might be why we only saw Grandpa at Christmas time. I don't think I'll bring it up, dad will just rant on about the 'hocus pocus' like he does on Halloween.

January 16th

I reached the end of the book. It follows our family right up to now- and there's a bunch of blank pages after the "end". It says that dad was "peacefully in denial of the family gift" and beside my name it says I'm gifted. I don't understand what most of this says, but the next page is mostly blank except something hand-written that almost looks like it glows. It says "Those of great gifts find their answers in familiar places." It sounds like something philosophical, in my grandpa's handwriting. Or does it mean something else...? This house is going to make me a conspiracy theorist. After I check my old tree house, maybe I should visit area fifty-one.

January 18th

It took me a while to find the tree house I built with my Grandpa when I stayed here one summer. I don't even remember when that was. Anyway I got in and there was another book in there. It's like a guide of some kind- kinda like the textbooks we use at school. It talks about a lot of strange things, and there is a map inside to a room off of the basement library. I'm going to investigate it... I get the feeling that there's something dad doesn't want me to know about.

January 20th

I found the room. It's a workroom. There was a letter there from my Grandfather for me or whoever came after. It said that my family is descended of a great wizard from a very long time ago, called 'Merlin' because he went by so many names nobody remembers the real one. There was a box full of equipment he said he wanted to give me on my twelth birthday, but my dad wouldn't let him. Dad tried to raise me Christian, which he said wasn't a brilliant idea, and which I agree with. I'm agnostic. I don't really know what's going on, and right now I'm more confused than ever. Either way, I put the things in the chest in my room. I have a lock on it, but I'll have to think of something better to protect it later. If dad finds it, he's not going to be happy. I'm keeping the key in the sole of my running shoe- this way I won't forget.

January 23rd

I looked through the book and found out a few things. It will be a while before I really understand much of this, but if I work hard I think I can do it. I have to go back to school next week- it's the start of the second term- but I have this week to try some of the things in the book. The first thing listed is a ceremony where a familiar is summoned... something like a guardian spirit who helps young 'mages' (I guess it's a unisex word for wizard?) do what they have to do. I don't want to go for that right away because I'm unsure of this- I'll experiment a bit first.

January 24th

I've found a way to hide the writing in here using a spell in the book! It's the first one that went right. (Note to self: do not attempt to color own hair unless there's dye present to fix it!) The spell just turns the writing into something that only people with magic can read. I tried it on my family by writing three words on a post-it note and asking them how to pronounce them. They only saw the first two. Even Dad, so that's good. I put a barrier thing on the lock too- I'm not bad at this! Tomorrow I'll try to summon a familiar.

It's hard to know what to make of all of that, but you think on it for a while to understand who your new partner is and about his level of experience (or lack thereof) before you begin to work together.

The night is still young, however, and you have time to do almost anything- except the leave the room. It doesn't give you many options.


Steal Tristan's Key and Open the Chest: Tristan's Chest

Settle down and wait: The First Day

The End

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