Land of Twilight

A young magician named Tristan is about to discover his greatest gifts in the art- the ability to travel between the planes of reality and twilight, and the ability to summon a familiar advisor- you! Wizards like Tristan rely on the advice of their otherworldly familiars for a number of things in day-to-day life, and with young Tristan only beginning to understand his abilities as the latest in a long line of the magically gifted, he'll be asking you a lot.

The colors of the world are distorted as you wake. Everything seems heavier than most recall, and it's difficult to figure out exactly where or when you are. This isn't something you've ever had to deal with, because whatever your situation had been back in the spirit world, it had never actually involved interaction with humans or wizards. You can hear someone nearby speaking and try to use this to get your bearings.

"It's hard to explain how excited I was this morning. The old tomes were never particularly clear about anything, but summoning familiars is one of the artes not often practiced in the past few centuries. The great wizards of this world have decided that they know better than any spirit might and have no reason to ask for your advice anymore... I really don't think it could hurt.

The tomes say that familiars can do more than advise people, besides. I read something about powers developing in familiars based on what happens while they're contracted to their magical counterparts. Maybe someday we will know something like that... I suppose it's worth investigating- eventually, if not right now, hm...

Oh, I'm sorry, are you awake now? It's hard to tell when I can't actually see you. I guess some introductions are in order. I am Tristan D'enor, third son of Marcus D'enor, and a descendant of the apprentices of Merlin. I'm a wizard - or, more of an apprentice, really, I'm still seventeen. Last night I summoned you from the Otherworlds as a part of an old ceremony described in the Tomes. I'm still kind of new to a lot of this, so I might be a bit slow to start with all of this, but please be patient great familiar."

You can see him now. A young man of seventeen, laying back on his bed with his hands clasped behind his head as he stares up into space. He has jet black hair and strange light-brown eyes that seem to glitter with... blue? You've never met a magician before, and some things about him puzzle you. The old stories often described the magicians as either scrawny, barely clothed humans with staves and strange chants or fat humans with no idea what they were really doing. Tristan seems to be a very young, fit, and somewhat respectful individual. You consider it to be a good thing, at least for now, and let him know (in your non-corporeal kind of way) that you're there and that you're willing to try helping him.

He smiles. "Brilliant. Thank you, great familiar." He yawns, blinking tiredly. "Unless you need me, though, I've been awake twenty hours..." You don't doubt it, from the looks of him, and turn your attention elsewhere. With no response from you, he rolls over and falls alseep in a matter of minutes.

Tristan's room is  a curiosity. Your invisible but humanoid form allows you to get a better look around while Tristan sleeps (and you don't, because naturally, you don't need to). His room is fairly small, and somewhat conservative. On one wall there's a machine whirring quietly on a desk next to some bookshelves filled with rather mundane texts and curiosities. A cabinet is full of clothes- jeans and casual shirts, mostly. On the far end of his room there's an old trunk, likely a hand-me-down, with a large padlock on it.

On the nighttable beside Tristan there's a book. Based on the fact that there's no title and a pen lying next to it, you deduce that this is likely his private journal.

Otherwise, there is very little to see in this room, but a bit of testing shows you that, for whatever reason, coming to this world has deprived you of your ability to walk through walls or open doors on your own. You're stuck, and well aware that humans tend to sleep for hours on end. What to do now?

Read Tristan's diary: Not-So-Secret Journal

Break open the trunk: Hidden Treasure?

Settle down and wait: The First Day

The End

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