To The Last Breath

If this was all we had left, we were done.

"So they just lay here?" I asked. "Yes. This is what they wanted. God only took back what he had blessed them with. The judgment was, "You can't except blessings you don't believe in. In this case, truly depart from me, I know you not."

I looked up at Aneriel and said, 'The Revelation".

He nodded with a cold smile. "Somewhat, sans the original plan."

"And did they get judged?"

"Yes. Each one. Their punishment was to stay on Earth in their state, forever separated from God and his blessings. Satan however, thought different. He captured what was left and ravished them. We grabbed who we could and put them on this island to live out their days. It was the only mercy allowed. Those who kept to God's Word met Jesus Christ, and he led them away in the clouds. Many were already there, and others who never had the chance to hear his Gospel finally got the chance to do so. Those that still rejected it were left here. It's time for you to go."

Just as he said that, the Helicopter was landing on the beach. Aneriel looked at me "You'll never see this place again, but you will bear witness. Goodbye. “I turned back towards the helicopter and began my trek. I turned around one last time to watch Aneriel disappear into the woods. He was right. That was the last time I would see him or the island.  However, I was forever changed.

I'm 126, and I look 37. I've seen generations of my family come and go. He told me I would bear witness to everything and I feel that because I was part of the Rift, I'm neither here nor there. So I walk the streets, witness to people. I'm a Missionary now, trying to save as many people as possible from this horrible future. But it's 2049 and I have six months left, and the news is slowly beginning to turn on religion.

And so it begins.

The End

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