Way To An End

I looked back at my assistant and said, "Call for the helo...NOW." Aneriel looked at me with a puzzled look as he beckoned me to follow him. "So you're wondering what this all is I'm sure. I will try to explain, just don't panic."

"I will try not to. Right now I'm looking at you like you're the biggest serial killer in the world."

"Point taken," Aneriel said. "In 2050 the world realized it would only evolve if it got rid of certain things. Those things were gender, race, and God. Any God. All Gods.  Many people wanted this. There was a belief that if this happened, wars and problems would cease to exist and finally the true era of equality and harmony would begin. You can imagine everyone didn't agree.  So in 2055 war broke out. All the religions came together under one banner and fought to maintain their spot in humanity. They failed. Everyone from the Christian, to the Buddhist, to the Muslim. They had won, or so they thought.  In heaven, we began to receive our own, and they were rewarded for their suffering. I cannot tell you the fate of everyone else for I don't know it. But what I do know is that the world marveled at the thought of no religion and so they burned the buildings to the ground."


"Everything," Aneriel said. "They burnt texts and monuments too. They wanted to be religion free. Next was the issue of race. Everyone bleached their skin to remove the disparities that had troubled their forefathers. Next? Issues of gender. People were sterilizing themselves, removing reproductive organs so that the need for another sex to procreate would be unnecessary.  Men lined up to donate to sperm banks, and women gave up their eggs as well.  Governments were producing humans now."

Aneriel then stopped and looked down at one of the bodies. "Then God responded," he said.  "They had acknowledged they didn't want him. They removed every depiction or thought from the Earth, and a generation was growing up without even knowing there was ever a thing such as religion or God."

He added, "So God took back what was his."

It all became clear at this point. They had no souls.  They were empty shells. Without the life force, they were nothing. "How...how did they get here?"

"Oh this is the last of them. Humanity died off by 2090. Animals have retaken the Earth. The father is hurt. He plans to create humanity again, but I don't know when.  This is all we have left.


The End

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