The Keeper Of The Island

I dropped my bag and walked out into the sand. When I finally got to the first one, I saw something written in the sand I didn't notice on the hill. It read, "We were wrong, so wrong".

"Hello there! I wouldn't touch that if I were you!" I voice rang out at the end of the beach. I jumped, looking up to discover it was man dressed in a white robe.  Ignoring his warning I touched the face of the body in front of me and it shrieked!

I fell backwards as the body convulsed, arching its back towards the sky before finally cracking in two and falling back to the earth. I climbed backwards in the sand towards my assistant who screamed at the sight of what she just witnessed.  The man shook his head as he made his way towards me.  "Told you don't do that," he said, walking closer and closer.  As he approached the screaming body he kicked it, watching it turn into shards and dust before being carried away by the wind.

"What the....what happened to these people?"

"They were given what they wanted," the man said. "All of them. This island is not on your map or any map on this Earth because it doesn't really exist in your time. It's a Rifter. You can touch it, feel it, grasp it, but it's not really here."

I smirked at the notion. "So you're not here...either?"

"Yes, I'm very much here with you, but we're inside the Rift now.  And I'm an Angel.  My name is Aneriel. I'm the keeper of this island. Walk with me."

The End

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