Sand of Shells

A man travels to an island off the map and discovers a place that has no religion, race, or gender. What he discovers is startling.

They looked like dead bodies slowly being taken away by the wind.

The helicopter came to the rest on a patch of land just above the beach. The open field was surrounded by a few trees. Besides the glaring hot sun above me, it was a peaceful area. Me and my team grabbed our gear and headed towards the beach where we saw the figures sprawled out. "What do you think it could be?" my assistant asked. "I mean, it looked horrifying down there."

"Not sure, but we'll keep our distance."

"Ok...good to know."

We arrived at the end of the hill overlooking the beach. The scene reminded me of a place in the backwoods of Hampton Roads, Va. where I used to camp with my two sons.  Without the bushes to climb through, this scene was awesome, complete with seductive beach sand not tarnished by footprints and a water as blue as the sky above. Panning down from the scene were the bodies, hundreds of them.  Pale in color, they laid there as a white mist slowly crept over them each time the wind blew.  I lifted my camera up to zoom in. My body was hot all over from my nervousness as I gazed into the black marble eyes of one of them.

"What the hell happened here?" I said out loud.  "We need to get down there." As we turned away from the end of the hill I spotted what appeared to be an entrance into the woods. I motioned for my assistant to follow me.  Once inside, the temperature seemed to drop and I was wishing I had grabbed my sweater out my bag.

I didn't want to stop - we weren't too sure on what was in here. It was best to keep moving.  It was a slow and quiet stroll, gently moving objects out the way, ducking and climbing over other when needed. When we made it to the beach, I realized it wasn't hundreds, it was thousands.

This was a dump for human remains.

The End

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