Land of Legends

Now, don't be surprised if you find anything that's really awkward. Like grammer, punctuation, wording. This was from last year, when I was in sixth grade. This summer, I plan to revise it to make it better, and add more chapters to it.
So please cut me some slack..although any help would be great!



Slowly, they inched towards the dark cave. The sun was beginning to set, forcing a blushing red to seep through the purple clouds that hung low. The wind was still, making the heavy breathing of the bulky figures even more gruesome. “What are those?” Gyra asked in a voiceless tone, as one of the creatures took out a rusty chain.

“They’re orcs,” Selena hissed.

“You mean the ones that murdered-,” Gyra cut off mid-sentence, “That murdered your uncle?” she finished.

Selena gritted her teeth, “Yes.”

*  *  *

Selena remembered that horrible day. She was a child, only about 10 old. She remembered as if it were only yesterday, her uncle teaching her to use a bow; her parents were visiting the king, so Selena stayed with her uncle. When she was about to release her bow string, suddenly two orcs appeared behind a great oak.

“Run! Run back to the city! Go, Selena!” her uncle Monor had told her. Selena dropped her bow and started to run then stopped and looked at her uncle with worry and tears. “Go! I can handle this!”

She ran and hid behind a rock and watched her uncle.

“Leave now, you sick bastards,” Monor spat on the orcs.

They roared in fury.

“Leave our city or I’ll chop you two into little pieces and feed you to the fish!” he warned.

They roared again. Looking at Monor, they laughed. The taller orc spoke to the shorter one, “Tis’ll bey esaay!” he sneered.

And they charged.

Selena admired Monor for his cleverness.

With a quick sidestep, Monor easily dodged the charging orc.  It flew into a tree, and then fell unconscious. A huge gash formed on its head, and rivers of vile blood poured out.

“Stupid scumbag”, Selena had muttered to herself from behind her rock.

      Before Monor had time to counter with his sword, the shorter orc had launched itself upon him. They both screamed and shouted with fierce pain. Wrestling and kicking, both fighting as fierce as the other, trying to get hold of their fallen blades.

      Selena had watched for about 5 minutes, and when an ear piercing shriek came through the melee, after that it fell deadly silent. Selena strained her neck and eyes trying to see the winner, hoping it was uncle Monor.

      Then she saw Protruding from the orc’s unarmored head was a dagger. And she saw the black blood that spilled onto Monor’s green tunic.

      They both stood up in relief. Thin scarlet lines ran all over his body, but there was nothing severe. He opened his arms to Selena and she started running towards him, and felt happier than ever.

Then he stopped.

His mouth opened up in surprise, his eyes rolled back into his sockets, and he seemed to fall in slow-motion.

A cruel laugh punctured the silence.

  Very slowly, Selena’s gaze turned to the orc that had been knocked out. It was smiling grotesquely showing all of his cruel yellow teeth. A crossbow lay beside it. Selena turned her head into her uncle’s direction, and screamed silently and without expression. She saw the black shaft of an orc arrow sticking out of the back of Monor’s head. Running seemed like the only sane thin to do, so she ran as fast as she could from that damned place.


Selena snapped out of the dreadful memory.

Staring at the orcs, she realized their true beauty. 200 pounds of brute ugliness.

Selena snapped out of the dreadful memory.

*  *  *

Staring at the orcs, she realized their true beauty. 200 pounds of brute ugliness.

Dark green skin was visible on the unarmored part of their body. They had reddish brown eyes, and their slanted brows made them look eviler. Their noses were broad and flat, with nostrils that looked more like giant pits. Sharp yellow teeth jutted from the lower jaws. Spiked shoulder pads, breastplates, and greaves were the only armor the huge orcs had.

          One of them, the shorter, hairless one, was polishing a massive, deadly-looking war-axe with a filthy rag. The other orc, a female, was piercing her own ear with a fork.

Orcs are so ridiculous Selena though.

Gyra asked nervously, “What do we do?”

“Simple. We kill them before they can kill us.” Selena answered confidently.

“Huh? How could we, kill those monsters?! They would run over us!”

“They won’t have a chance.”

Picking an arrow, Selena strung her longbow.

“For my uncle, Monor!” She declared, releasing the string.

Swoosh! The arrow whizzed through the air and hit the orc in the head. Bulls-eye Selena thought.

          The stocky orc dropped its war-axe and fell over. The female orc dropped her fork and looked towards my direction.

She snarled.

That was obviously her mate. Selena thought.

The orc grabbed a set of double maces, wielding the two weapons in either hand. But before she had a chance to charge, Selena’s next arrow struck her right between her ugly eyes.

Selena told Gyra with a grin, “See I told you that-”.

Rustle rustle.

Selena whipped her head around. Looking behind her, directly at the woods, she questioned, “Who’s there? We mean no harm.”

She asked again but there was no reply. Even the rustling went away.

It was just trees, darkness, cricket chirps, and a hooting owl.

 But nothing else.

“Come on, les get back to the camp, the others will be waiting.” Selena said.

Gyra nodded.

As they traveled back to their camp, Selena pondered.

Who could that of been? I don’t know what could be there at night. If whatever it was meant no harm, it would have showed itself. But then again they might have thought we were the bad ones.

Selena huffed in irritation.

They kept walking, watching each others backs for any unwanted creatures or things.

By the time they got back to the camp, night had fallen. The crescent moon glowed gently, the stars twinkling dimly. The wind picked up a gently

As they entered the clearing, Evarc was the first one to break the silence.

“Thank god your back,” he told Selena and Gyra gruffly, leading them to their tent. “What took you so long? What happened?” Evarc asked worryingly.

“We were just exploring,” Selena started, “But then-”

“But then Selena killed a couple of orcs.” Gyra finished.

“What? Selena killed some orcs? How many?” Evarc stopped walking and asked, astonished.

Selena answered. “Yes, I did. Two of them, a male and female. They should be happy I killed them quickly; an arrow through each head.”

“Selena! You could have gotten killed!” Evarc said with a bit of edge in his voice.

Selena smiled. “Haha, you and Gyra worry too much. Without a leader, an orc can’t outsmart any other race than themselves. That’s why it was so easy to kill them.”

“True, but what if they caught you?” Evarc retorted.

“I put the arrows through them before they could take a step.”

Evarc waved the matter away.

"No matter, lets get you two some food."

He continued to  lead them to the tents.

“Selena, Gyra, I was worried sick. Good thing you’re back.” Rytak said as he hugged the both of them.

“Me too,” Yrvon added, as he spread his huge, griffin wings.

“Thanks guys,” Gyra replied. “Now let us get some food! I’m starv-”

“Shhh,” Selena whispered quietly.

She pointed to the bushes. Gyra and Yrvon nodded, acknowledging the tiny movements.

“Who goes there?” Selena asked, pointing her bow to the bush. But this time and elf showed itself.

Somehow, his dark skin glowed in the night. Silvery white, long hair flowed with the wind like the waves of the sea.

Selena could see his excellent armor; his gauntlets, greaves, and shoulder-armor were all made of super thin blue and purple banded steel. He carried two lethal slashing swords in his hands.

He took a step forward, and smiled a crooked grin. Selena gasped in horror.

It was the legendary warrior from the dark elves that all creatures feared.

Tah’lian Firdras, known as the dark master of blades.


The End

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