Under fire



Nodding off to sleep I am awakened by the sounds of alarms.

"Dragons! Snow get up! Dragons from the south!"

someone is shaking me to full alertness.

"Is this some sort of a joke dragons never come from the south."   I yawn, then look at the window to see the open maw of a dragon," Lord of hell!" I scream. Rolling out of the way of a plume of fire. My instincts governing my body I raise my arm. 

"Ice Grinder!"  Ice crystals shoot from my hand into the beast jaw exploding and stabbing the dragon killing it instantly.

"Wow thanks, I thought we were dead Snow. Maybe your good for something. Now lets get the bloody hell out of here before another dragon comes along to turn us into barbequed corpses!" The man who waked me up say, I nod nervously following him down the spiral staircase.

I feel the urge to grab my sword as we exit the bottom of the tower which was covered by a thick layer of granite but I knew we couldn't just cower down here we had to do our best to fight the dragon keepers of and evacuate everyone  to the safety of our underground safe houses.

"Alright Snow its clear, let's go before we lose this opportunity."

"Okay, good luck."

"Good luck Snow."  He winks as he leaves the safety of our granite roof losing his life as a dragons swoops down slicing him with it's massive talons." My moment of bravery gone. I couldn't go, I didn't want to die.  I hear screams below from the village. The fear taking over my mind, I couldn't do anything anymore I was powerless, and useless. 

"Snow! Get a hold of yourself people are relying on you this is not a time to hesitate. You can do it!" Torren says behind me grabbing my shoulder bringing my mind back to the moment, " Just time your exit between the beating of the wings, and you will be fine." He smiles at me, I take in his advice concentrating on the sounds of my environment. I could here the strong beat of wings coming pass the rock as the become distant I charge out with of safety with adrenaline and fear driving me forwards. The beat of wings behind me get over closer, I could feel flames licking my back. Not paying attention to where I'm going I run of trail sending myself over a cliff. This was the end, it wasn't getting deep fried from the flames of a dragon, or getting sliced in bits. Its was my cowardice. I'm such a disappointment! I close my eyes awaiting my death but it never comes instead scaly talons pluck me out of the air and I lose consciousness.


The End

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