After everyone make sure Flare and I are fine we free fly back to the moutian side village and land on one of the respective flight decks and I get off of flare who seemed a little angry with me I couldn't blame him though it was partailly my fault. I just wondered why we couln't communicate better.  Flare takes off to fly around the mountian and probably cool down I will probably see him later. 

"ARRG! why can't I just fly like everyone else. It seems easy enough."  I kick at the ground.  A dark sage green dragon walks by me his red eyes looking into mine. It was Evek he was considered an Dragon elder and was very wise. Dragons have certian things that they must do to show respect one is eye contact and when they make eye contact make sure never to break it considered really rude.

" Bladex since you and Flares connection is unique you might not realise this but perhaps information is being lost or not understood or is simply not getting to Flare fast enough."

"  That would make sense but I would either us know how to figure it out?"  I ask

" You'll have to figure that one out." The dragon says then fly off makin me crouch down on the ground from the force from his wings.

" Dragons wise but not entirely helpful sometimes." I mumbleI walk down the dragon filled path where was everyone?  I ask myslef as I turn a corner and friend Bryke stands there sword drawn.

" Surprise attack!" He screams and I roll back and draw my sword and slice his back against the rockface.

" What for?" I ask not really in the mood for this.

" Who ever gets to ask out Tara tonight." He grins.

I sigh, " You do realize as good as your at flying you will never beat me in a swordfight." I say my former self returning, " So you might want to just let me go do it now."

" Never friend."  He trys to surprise attack me but I duck under his sword and soon have him reeling backwards until I hit a proper hit and his sword flys out of his hand and into the rockface.

" Well time to see Tara, Bryke wanna come with?"

The End

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