Training , then watch duty.


So basically what combat training is two squadrons from the two teams face each other spells are casted on the swords they can not do any damage, well say  the bruise you recieve from the wack, they will turn red on contact with flesh.  I looked at the situation strategically. One my side was two agile fighter two defenders , and well me. On the other side most of them looked like defensive fighters , except for the one swordmen who was scrawny compared to his companions.  I might not lose here.

The whistle goes and we all form up me taking the rear becuase it all might be safer if I don't carry a weapon. We head forwards and clash in combat the formation breaks up and everyone is taken out except for the two enemies and I.

" Uh crap."  I mutter and bring my shield up to defend myself from a slash, I also perry another attack with my right hand blade.

So far pretty good, with my right hand I flick my blade trying to disarm my oppenent, but forget about the second one who wacks my shield hard enough it shatters and I stumble backwards. I struggle to find my balance and defend the next attack but it had already hit my side and we lose.

" Great Snow, thanks now we all have to clean out the bathrooms , and the kitchen and the mind numbingly boring west gaurd tower."  Thet all whine at me.  I look down in shame as I walk off to receive my duty.

" Snow, Watch tower." Torren says in monotone.

" Fun." I mutter and make a walk across and out of the training grounds , across town then a small hike up a rather skinny pillar like  rockk that dominates the side of town. Once I make it there I see the relief from boredom from the guards as a couple more of us releive them of duty.  I take the solitary watch from the top to avoid conversation with the others. 

" Oi Snow when this over?" Some one shouts from below.

" Eight unless there is a battle." I say 

Knowing that this was going to be a long and boring 5 hours. I practically did this job everday I was lucky enough to not have to clean bathrooms or kitchen due to some sypathy of a wierd sort. I mean theyre job isn't boring or long shifted.

The End

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