In flight


I make sure my sword on my back sits tight then look into Flare's Purple eyes , and touch the side of his head feeling a slight connection.

" Alright Flare today we are going to get, We have too."  I think, then a larger mind stronger than my mind slides into mine at first it feels cold but cooks up.

" You say this everytime Bladex yet we never get closer to becoming a full dagon keeper. "  Flare responds to my optmism.

" Gotta try though Flare" I say then Hop onto his back and straped my self into the leather sadddle.

All Dragon riding was communcication , Flare can fly beautifully on his own but when I'm on his back things change I need to be able to slice a sword or cast a spell let off an arrow down on my land locked enemy, but also fly so I don't come flying out of the saddle when dodging arrows, or fly fast to evade. So far I can free fly but my combat flying is below everage. 

" Allright lets fly Flare!"  I say happily in my head.  With one flap of his wing we are in the air and speeding out of the compand and into the faboulous snow, glacier voered mountians.

" Okay Flare, Bladex , down wards dive. Flare two shots of flames and Bladex Let off two traps spells and swing down with the sky blade and take out those two dummies."  Glordern Orders me from above, " Whenever you are ready. "

" Allright Flare dive downwards."  I say and he does exactly as he is told. The wieghtless ness take me by surprise and I nearly fly out of my saddle but quicly pull myself into posistion.  Flare fire his first burts of incenerating flames. I cast a trap spell he fires again and one more trap spell.  I think we are going to do this.

" Flare pull up!" I say as The sky blade comes into my hands but then I feel a scared groan and from Flare and his dark wings go to break and we crash and burn into the ground.

" Flare are you okay?" I say urgently.

" Winded but fine you jackass!"


The End

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