Land lovers, and Dragon Keepers

A war between these two clans have been raging for years its almost a culturaly 5 30 pm - 11 00 pm event that happens 3 times a week. then two warriors find themselves on the battle field needing eachothers help they one needing help to fly his dragon the other lessons in using the sword. They become quickly become comrades but how long can this comradery last?


" Come on Snow it is really simple try it agian!" I'm yelled at.  I 'am a child of the second strongest warrior of the clan Detoric, I shouldn't have a problem with this 'simple' training excerise centered around dodging simulated dragon keepers with swords. Apparently I just killed for the tenth time.  I climb up ontop of the house which Torren our trainer lights with a magic fire simulating dragon flames. I yelp  as the flames lick at my amoured legs man this stuff burned. I step forwards and the gauntlet of poorly built life sized models of dragons , and they're keepers coming at me.  I duck under the first one and try to disembowel it, but instead my blade jerks into the simulated dragon and I go along with it.

I hear the crowd below me laugh as I fly around my legs dangling over the train grounds.  This isn't funny , not in the slightest.  Even though I'am as skilled with a sword as that of the smartes nimph , I have the muscles to pull myself onto the wooden dragon, and grab my small knife as my side arm and stab the wooden keeper. 

" Hey doese that count?" I ask as the wooden dragon is lowered.

" No , Snow that doesn't count you would have been either thrown off the dragon or the keeper would have blasted you off with magic or simply sliced you off. " Torren lectures on but I ignore him.  Everyone had to pass this since we and the Dragon keepers are at a constant war.  Those  Dragon keepers are relentess and evil and only seek to kill us for our unwise choice to not side with those putrid dragons.  Well that last part doesn't exactly make sense for me I find dragons beautiful and faboulos looking creatures. Yes intimidating and terrifying to be attacked by one but who says they are all like that?Oh yeah the elder does.

" Hey Snow grab a shield combat training stop dazing off!" Torren yells at me.

The End

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