The other side of the hill was all that he could see.

The exhilaration that Grok felt running up the hill evaporated as soon as he crested the peak.  He could see for miles, but his heart sank as he looked around.  No cat, no tribe, no mastodons, not even a familiar landmark.  He had no idea which direction the tra had even carried him.  He sat down there on top of the hill for a long time biting his toenails and trying to figure out what to do.  He realized all his dreams about the beautiful cat would never happen.  He wondered if his dreams about Chaka were impossible now too.  Maybe he would die out here, cold and alone.  Maybe he would end up like one of those cavemen that gets frozen in a block of ice for millions of years, and thawed out in a strange futuristic world.   He sat up there long after the sun went down, and fell asleep watching the volcanoes flickering and glowing red in the distance.

The End

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