New Friend

The sabre toothed Tiger made short work of the offering. Growling gently, it batted Grok with a massive paw. For Grok, the thrill of invention was momentarily suspended. A new thrill took him....


If Grok could tame the beast and befriend it, then find another friendly Sabre toothed Tiger, female, tame THAT, and engineer conditions conducive to semi-captive breeding, then feed the baby cats with all due care and attention required, then maybe, just maybe, he would gain the respect of his peers.

A tame cat would be very easy to kill for food...

As the remains of the egg yolk ran down his arm, the exultant Grok, rendered fearless by his newfound enthusiasm for a project, cast about to salvage more tasty eggy goodness.

'I heart Eggggyyyyyyyy...' he heard the Tiger say in a distinctively Tigery way, as it licked clean another proferred piece of eggshell.

This was going to be easy, thought Grok. I shall name this beast 'Arrngrrr'

Then the egg ran out.

The End

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