Mama Tra

Grok was sucking thick yellow egg yolk out of the sand when the tra came back.  She was furious, swooping down and snapping at him while screeching loudly.  Not knowing what to do, Grok shielded himself with a piece of broken eggshell.  Instinctively,  the lizard-bird didn't want to attack her own eggs.  She was confused, and landed on the ground, walking in quick circles around Grok and the broken eggs.  Grok was terrified.  Her razor sharp bone-plate teeth would rip him to shreds with one bite, and she was growing more and more agitated.  In a panic, he decided to make a run for some nearby bushes. He didn't get two steps before the tra stomped down on him with it's large talon.  Grok gave up.  He was prepared to die. 

Suddenly, out of the nearby brush, a creature out of Grok's dreams appeared.  It was more beautiful and terrible than he had ever imagined, but there it was, the elephant-skin-crocodile-tooth cat.  The tra was a vicious beast, but the magical cat played with it like it was a toy.  The great feline tilted it's head sideways as it reared up on its hind legs, batting at the air with its clawed paws.  An instant later, it leaped on the tra's back and bit down on its spine with deadly long fangs.  after a moment of violent struggling, Grok heard tra's spine snap.  The fight was over as quickly as it had started. 

The cat immediately became calm, sitting down next to it's defeated prey with a regal and subdued look on it's face.  It began licking it's paws, and swishing it's long hairless tail.  For a moment, Grok was afraid to move, but he screwed up his courage, and took a chance.  Walking over to the cracked eggs, he scooped up some egg yolk in a bowl shaped piece of shell, and held it up over his head, offering it to the great cat.  His heart was filled with pride and joy as the spiky looking tongue lapped up the egg.

The End

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