The nest was dislodged and fell down on top of Grok, smashing the eggs on his head.

...but in that instant, falling, before he hit the ground, an image appeared in Grok's thick, flat head.

Had he just imagined it? Or did he really see it from all the way up there... somewhere nearby... the elephant-skin-crocodile-tooth-cat...?


He was on the ground, and there was the giant sabor-tooth sphynx cat, creeping toward him; its brilliant green eyes pouring directly into his primordial soul. He was not afraid. He was mystified. He tried to stand up, but realized that he was completely immobile. He resigned himself to lying on his back, admiring the magical beast's powerful stride. So beautiful, he thought. How could I have wanted to end his life? He may be the last of his kind. I should protect him from the hunters...

CRASH! SMACK! SMASH! CRACK! All four of the Tra eggs collided with his face, awakening him from his dream state.

"Ara Haagaba!" he said to them, which basically means, "Mmm, breakfast!"


The End

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