'Bugger', thought Grok to himself. 'Arghnnakrrfghh' he said aloud.

His current predicament was not conducive to the faciliation of invention, nor the improvement of one's general romantic spectrum.

'Arnnrghhhddrrrfggg' he said aloud in despair.

The Tra was nowhere to be seen. Keeping calm, Grok assessed the situation. Available tools:

Bloody huge nest,

Summoning up all his magnificent intelligence, Grok started trying to smack a massive hole in the bottom of the Tra's nest.

After approximately fifteen hard blows, it became evident that the Tra's nest was too well constructed for Grok to smack more than the tiniest hole in it's surface. More cunning methods would need to be employed.

Standing up straight, Grok raised his foot and lifted it up and over the edge of the nest, which was exactl one foot three inches in height.

Amazed at his own genius, Grok fell the sixty feet, nine inches to the ground below and once again assumed a state of contemplative unconciousness.

The End

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