Inspiration hits Grok in the front of the face and knocks him backwards.

The fist-sized stone had hit Grok directly on his sloped forehead, knocking him flat on his back.  Luckily, he had an incredibly thick skull, even for a caveman.  The pterodactyl (or Tra as the tribe called them) landed nearby to pick up another stone.  This was how they hunted.  As the winged beast swooped back into the air, Grok readied himself to try and catch the next dropped stone.  When it was directly over his head, Grok stretched his hands above him, shouting, "NO TRA! NO! NO TRAA!!"  At the last minute, he panicked, and started to run, but gravity was his enemy.  This rock was heavier, and hit him squarely in the face, knocking him senseless. 


In his dream, Grok was a child.  He was all alone standing at the mouth of a cave.  Slowly, out of the darkness of the cavern, Grok could see the shape of an animal walking towards him.  It didn't dart like a lizard, or slink and crouch like a tiger.  It walked tall, and proud on padded feet.  As it approached, Grok could see it's green languid cat eyes.  Shiny white crocodile teeth hooked out of the sides of its mouth.  Its skin was as smooth and hairless as a newborn baby.  As Grok spun around to escape the cave, suddenly there were smooth round stones rolling in front of him.  The faster he ran, more, and bigger stones rolled in his path.  As he was about to make it out, one final huge round stone completely blocked the exit, plunging the cave into darkness.  Grok awoke from his nightmare with a start.  He was staring up at a cloudless blue sky.  He was in Tra's nest, surrounded by four huge yellow eggs.  What's worse, he had no idea where the tribe was now.

The End

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