If Grok had been born in, say, the sixteenth to the nineteenth century or so, he would have rubbed shoulders with the likes of Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison etc. Or, if he had been in born in today’s world, he would have at the very least, developed a new Web 2.0 site. He would have probably come up with a better TV ad than “Even a caveman can do it!”. Instead, he was born in the age of Neanderthals and the elephant-skin-crocodile-cat. Suffice to say that Grok was a man ahead of his time.

Sitting on his rock, hand to his chin, he was always lost in thought. He had once seen a huge bird in the sky and tried to emulate it. Flapping his arms as fast as he could, he jumped off a rock. At another time he killed a bird and tied its wings to his arms in another attempt to fly. He was fortunate to land on the grass both times. Although he had since then given up trying to fly, it didn’t stop him from thinking of other inventions.

Now he had to find a way to capture this elephant-skin-crocodile-fangs-cat. It was when he once stepped on a thorn that he had a “two birds in one stone” moment. Realizing that he could fight animals with something sharp, he began to make sharp sticks. He also found a way to protect his feet by wearing their hide. He would now need such sharp sticks to fight this animal. It was also quite huge and had to be very heavy. He had to find a way to bring it with him, not to mention all the things he needed to carry around.

The next day, as he was bathing in the river, he saw those pesky boys playing again, throwing stones on something. He noticed that as the stones rolled by, one of them rolled farther than the rest. It was smooth, had no edges, was almost round, and kept rolling. That’s when it struck him.

EUREKA!”, he shouted and got out of the river, running around forgetting his buckskin wrap on the river bank. Some women standing by turned back their heads in embarrassment while some looked on in amusement, none of them having a clue as to what he was saying.

The master was now at work. His idea was about to be set in motion. It is rather unfortunate that history books of today have no record of Grok and his tribe and of their ingenious inventions. Elsewhere, in another time, someone else would re-invent the wheel, literally.

The End

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