The Balance of Power

As he walked to work, Grok kept thinking about the strange animal Pagdo had described.  New discoveries seemed to cause change within the tribe, and as one of the weaker males, he knew that change often meant opportunity.  His job was to sit on a tall rock near the cave, and watch for danger.  It wasn't a glorious job, but it was important.  The previous rock sitter had fallen asleep and let a rattlesnake go by that ate a few children.  The tribe threw feces at him until he was forced to leave.

All morning up on his rock, he daydreamed about the elephant-skin-crocodile-cat. They said it was something to be worshiped.  It was a gift from the gods.  What if Grok could somehow find a way to bring it to the tribe?  He would become very important.  But how could he kill or catch something like that?  He wasn't even really a hunter. 

As he was thinking, some of the older children were hanging around the cave door.  Grok wasn't crazy about the attitudes of some of these young punks wearing baggy skins, and bird's nests on their heads.  And, they thought they were so cool with all their new technology gadgets.  They had a tool for everything.  Little sticks to dig termites, levers to move rocks and find cockroaches, they didn't appreciate the old fashioned way to do things.  It used to take two men to move some of those rocks. 

Something clicked in Grok's head.  What if there was a tool that would let him do the work of two men?  Maybe something that could help him catch the elephant-skin-crocodile-cat!   He could hardly wait to get off work so he could try some ideas out.  Even though the kids had inspired him, he still didn't like their attitudes, so he barked at them and spit in their direction.  "GAAAAK! BAK! BAK! SSSPLEEETHHHA!!!"

The End

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