The Chase

With those thoughts he drifted off to sleep. Suddenly he was awakened by loud screams coming from the front of the cave. The men outside were jumping up and down hitting themselves on the head and pointing out toward the plain. Grog got up and went to see what all the noise was about. When he got the mouth of the cave he saw that the men were pointing at an animal out on the plain, it had something in its mouth. Upon closer examination, Grok realised that it had a person in its mouth. Grok realised it was Chaka, that thing had Chaka. Pogdo was telling the men to leave it alone that as it was sacred it could take a sacrifice. Grok quickly picked up his club and spear and headed down the mountain. As he ran, stumbled fell down the path he heard a few of his friends coming to join him. When they reached the plain Grok saw that the animal had veered to the left so he changed course going to intercept the beast. All he could think of was Chaka, she must be so frightened, so sure she would never see her home again as he lengthened his stride to catch up with the animal his foot caught on a hole and he came tumbling down onto his haunches. Two of the men following, passed him by shouting “Derrrug ummm seggaaaaa reagh!”

“What!” thought Grok “whoever gets her can have her?” Oh No! She’s mine! He shouted. The chase was on…….

He sprang to his feet and took off after them. As he grew closer the again lengthened his stride, he was the fastest in the Clan and had beaten these friends often even if they had a head start. He could feel the wind in his hair and on his skin and he felt alive, exhilarated… he would catch the animal, he would have her, and he would show the others….

Soon he was out in front and gaining on the animal, he lifted his spear to this shoulder, preparing to throw. He had to be accurate, if he missed his mark he could hit Chaka, or if he only injured the animal it might kill Chaka. He had to hit it in the killing spot just behind the ears, where his father, the old clan leader, had taught him would bring instant death.


He saw then, that Chaka was facing him, her head dangling down from the mouth of the beast, her eyes piercing his, pleading for him to come save her. He smiled and saw the relief in her eyes before he let loose the spear. He watched it, willing to hit the spot, to kill the animal. And then ‘whwaap’ it hit home. The animal crumpled in a heap to the floor. Dead. He ran up to it, Chaka was trying with one hand to lift the heavy head to free herself. He bent to her and held her head. The others ran up and started jumping, shouting and hitting themselves on the head with joy. They came to the head and helped Grok lift it so that he could free Chaka. As he lifted her into his arms she clasped both her arms around his neck in a grip so tight he was sure she would break him.

The End

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