The Great Escape

Hmm. What an adventurous day this has been. Hehe, at least something came out of it





The woman approached my cage and started to unlock the complicated lock, which consisted of a dead bolt and a pin number. I observed the woman further while she was doing this. She seemed young, possibly around her 20’s. She had on a white blouse with a black skirt and some high heels, not the usual scientist’s coats, so it was a change for me. After a minute or 2, I could hear the small click accompanied with the beep that I usually heard when my cage was unlocked. She then bent down and held out her hand, smiling, saying, “Come on. I’m going to lead you down to the play room.” I decided at that point, to just be silent and listen more than speak. So I simply nodded and took her hand, standing up and stretching for the first time in what felt like a long time. Then the woman smiled again, and began to lead me out of the room and down the white linoleum paved hallway. I was a bit nauseous at the moment, and it didn’t help that the hallway smelled sickenly clean with a bit of a citrus scent to it. Finally, after what felt like forever, we finally reached the wooden door that had excited me so much. The woman opened the door, holding her hand out and letting me in first, then said, “I’ll be right back.” So she closed the door and I looked around to see what the room looked like. It had white walls, like the rest of the building, one wall had was looked like a giant mirror spread across it, but I knew it was a one way window, and that there were scientists on the other side, watching me, but the difference was the linoleum was light blue instead of white. It also smelled almost like vanilla in the room, not the clean citrus smell I had encountered out in the hall. My eye’s wander the room for a bit until they reached a bright red ball in the corner.

My eye’s got big and wide as I stood up and ran over to the ball, a grin spread across my face as I picked up the ball and began to play with it, pouncing it against the wall and around the room. After a few minutes of this, a bald man with big grey eye’s walked into the room and said, “Stop playing with that ball and come with me.” He grabbed my arm and as soon as he did that, all the hair on my skin stood up. His hand was so cold… I pulled away quickly. “No!” I said, holding the ball close to me as if protecting it. The man seemed to get angry and grabbed my arm again. This time my anger flared up and I screamed a loud high pitched scream, feeling my skin burn. I could feel fangs growing out of my gums and claws growing out of my finger as I pushed the man back, scratching him a bit. A panicked look appeared in his eye’s as I pounced upon him, then he began to scream as I used one of my claws to slit his throat, a lifeless look in his grey eye’s. I turned to the mirror, growling loudly as I began to running towards the mirror, smashing into it and causing cracks to grow outwards. At that point I could hear screaming coming from the opposing room. Smiling sadistically while in a rage, I backed up and slammed into the mirror again, this time smashing it completely. I saw a few terrified scientists start to run out of the room, which had a bunch of monitors and keyboards with data on it, but one was stuck to his chair, obviously in shock. I pounced upon him, growling, “You will pay for what you have done to me!” then I slit his throat as well and left him dead in the chair. At this point I didn’t feel any remorse, no guilt, no sorrow. Just fiery rage. I heard people running out in the hallway, so because at this point I was running on instinct, I ran out of the room and began to run around the hall, taking down each individual scientist and killing them with my claws or a simple bite to the neck. After what seemed like 5 minutes I began to scour the rest of the building, killing anyone I found without a second thought. But that part of my memory is a bit blurred for some reason. I remember what I did in general, but I don’t remember who all I killed until after I was out of that fog.

When I awoke from my rage, I walked around the building for a minute. Not a sound emitted from the building, nor a human being was alive, excluding me. Everything was a mess. There were trashcans overturned and corpses lying everywhere, fresh blood still bleeding out of them. A lot of the overhead LED lights were also smashed, so a lot of the building was dark. After about 15 minutes of walking around, I finally made it to what looked like an office. It had a maroon carpet with a dark wooden desk and a brown leather chair. The room had 2 bookshelves, along with a filing cabinet. I probably would have left then but there was a label on the filing cabinet that said, ‘Experiments and Payments’. So I walked over and opened the filing cabinet. Apparently it wasn’t locked for one reason or another, but I didn’t question it. The thing that confused me the most though, was that there was only a wooden box inside of the cabinet. And it seemed to have a lock. So I began to look around the office, looking through the drawers and the book shelves, when I finally found it hiding in a small space inside a book. It was a very interesting looking key. It was a silver key with a red ruby on the handle part, and seemed intricately designed. It didn’t seem to be something that would open a wooden box, but it didn’t hurt to try.

So I walked back over to the filing cabinet and took out the wooden box and set it on the desk. I then carefully put in the key and turned it. To my surprise I heard a small click and the box popped open. Of course, I would have never guessed what was inside of that box. There were papers having to do with a particular experiment. Apparently someone had paid the cloning organization to create a clone to provide invincible internal organ to donate to a special client. When I turned the page, I saw a picture. And the girl in the picture was me.






That’s pretty much what happened to me today. After I saw those papers I put them back into the box and took the box with me, leaving the lab and heading to the woods outside. Right now I’m in a field with tall grass, which I think would probably be safe just in case there was someone I didn’t kill at the lab. I should probably stop lingering on this and just try to get some sleep and relax. And besides, there are stars out. This is the first time in my entire life I’ve seen stars. I’ve been in a building my entire life, so this is new to me. And honestly, I like it. It seems to relax me, seeing those stars shine brightly. Oh, there’s a shooting star. Hmm… I wish I would find somewhere real to live. I heard about wishing on a shooting star, but I don’t know if it’s true. Maybe it’s just a bunch of overly hopeful people who created the concept. But it sure would be nice if that wish came true.

The End

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