Lanai's Side

This is the first chapter of a story about a girl named Lanai, who was a lab experiment but had escaped a few years after created. She tells her story from her point of view.


“Are you joking with me?” the brown eyed man said to himself, an astonished look present upon his face. The man sighed softly, thinking for a moment. Where he was at this current moment seemed a bit obvious if you see his surroundings. White linoleum floors, black table with test tubes, beakers, chemicals bubbling, the unusually clean smell in the air. All the things you would expect to see in a lab and more. What the brown eyed young man seemed to be astonished at was a beaker that was glowing slightly. Inside was a small round pod that was floating, and the pod seemed to be quivering and trying to break open. And the further reason he would be amazed by this was the fact that he had been trying to cause this very phenomenon to occur for the last 12 years, and finally, after all of this time, he had succeeded. What the man had been trying to do for many years was create a clone, combining different superior genes together with animal genes. This gene happened to be a snake gene, which they tried to intertwine with a human gene. At first, this didn’t seem to want to work because of the difference in chromosomes. But then it was discovered that they could use an artificial chromosome to help with that. And because of that, the eggs wouldn’t die before they are hatched. However, this was a difficult process because it was difficult to make the chromosome bind with the snake genes. But a rare thing happened to where they did bind. There was no real explanation for how this happened. So they decided to see if these genes would combine and allow life to grow. And now, to the man’s astonishment, it did.

The pod continued to quiver, slowly starting to crack and break open. The man watched with bated breath, bending down to an eye level with the egg. After a minute or two, the egg finally broke open and a little figure, no bigger than the size of the man’s thumb, sank to the bottom and stayed there, in a curled little ball. Right now the tiny creature looked like a human baby in its first stages of life in the womb. At this moment it didn’t look like it had any snake-like features, which intrigued the man, but didn’t worry too much about it.




That was how I assumed that I was created, anyway, as far as what I heard the man said to the other scientists at the lab. Of course I didn’t hear this story until I was about 2 weeks old, where I had developed and grown to the size of a newborn. Oddly enough, I can still remember a lot about the people in the lab around my first few weeks, and, as a small baby, craved attention from people. But people always seemed to be a little nervous around me when I looked straight at them. I didn’t know why at the time, but now I know why. It was because of my eyes. My eyes are a dark crimson red, which they didn’t expect for me to have since snakes didn’t have red eyes and normally humans don’t either.  But they didn’t seem to look into it, assuming foolishly that it might be just genetic flaws, nothing too serious. They were so wrong.

When I turned four, they took me out of the nursery area of the lab and put me in a bigger area with a lot more space, and a small bed, which, since I knew how to walk by then, was fun for me. There were also some toys in there, which also helped out too. By that time also, I was possessive of my toys too. This resolved me getting into trouble, and causing trouble to other people. One day when I was playing with a bright red ball, which was one of my favorite toys, a man with a black hat came in and tried to take my ball away because he wanted to get some tests on me, which made me angry and bite his hand. But a few seconds after I did that, he started to convulse and shake, and then fall to the floor. A few other people came in and dragged the man out, and then I was alone for a while. I heard then a few hours after that the man was still alive, just very sick. This seemed to intrigue the scientists even more, since the tests they took on me became more and more frequent, happening almost every day.

By the time I was 8, I had never met another child my own age, but only adults and scientists who would come and try to talk to me every once in a while. And liked an obsessive little child, I was attached to that bright red ball still. I took it everywhere I went, and got angry when someone would try to take it away from me. Then one day, when I was on the verge of turning 9, two men came into my room and said, “Hey, you’re moving out of here.” So I got excited and grabbed my red ball, walking out, but one of the men took my ball and squeezed it, making it burst. Of course I was furious and had a temper tantrum, trying to bite them. But then I felt something sharp in the side of my neck and slowly, I drifted into unconsciousness.

When I woke up, I woke here, in this cold dark cage, covered in newspaper and with only a pillow and a small blanket, the sound of shrieks and screams around me. I was scared and confused. I didn’t know where I was. All I had ever known was warmth and kindness, but now, this? When I crawled forward a bit more to see what was outside of the cage, I was shocked. There were other cages around me, filled with children like me, except they looked… different. There was this one boy who had apparently had horse genes used on him, which, seemed to backfire. He had a horse tail and a long nose, his body covered in a layer of fur. And next to my cage there was a girl who had had chicken genes used on her, and for some reason, she terrified me. Just the way she clucked and crowed made me panic and hide in a corner, wanting to be somewhere else. I most talked to the person on the other side of me, which was a girl that had mouse genes used on her, and it certainly showed. Instead of normal human ears, she had somewhat floppy mouse ears and little beady eyes with whiskers. “Hey, what are you?” she had asked me one day, noticing I didn’t resemble a snake in anyway. “Oh, I’m half snake.” I responded, anticipating why she was asking. “Then why don’t you look like what you are?” she asked quietly, moving some of her brown hair out of her eyes. This hadn’t occurred to me at all, since I haven’t had a mirror to look at myself in for a long time. After a long silence, I said, “I don’t know.” But the girl was asleep, so I let her be and went to sleep myself. The next day, when I tried to wake her up, she never responded. And I didn’t hear the chicken girl either. A man came in and dragged chicken girl out of her cage, her body lifeless. I knew she was dead since her chest wasn’t moving. Then, a little while later, another man came in and dragged out the mouse girl’s body. And I could tell she was dead too. Eventually, everyone that was in cages around me died, except for me. I was always there, and didn’t understand why I hadn’t died like everyone else. I was barely out of my cage, with the exception of a few tests a week and that was it.

I’ve been in this cage for almost 3 years. Today is my birthday and I’m turning 12 today. I was told by a man that was in here earlier that I will be able to get out of the cage today, so I’m happy about that, but I’m not just happy about the cage. I’m happy about getting revenge against the people who have imprisoned me in this dark cold iron cage.

The lady who is supposed to take me out of here is here. She looks nice to me. She had hazel eyes, pale blonde hair, and was a few inches taller than me, which right now I’m about 5”1’ as far as I know. But I know better than to judge by appearance. People tend to be uglier then they look.

The End

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