London 2010Mature

Chapter 2


"Leo McKenzie! Get up now you lazy so and so you need to be in college in fifteen minuets!" Mrs Mary McKenzie put a hand to her forehead. She could almost feel her blood pulsating through the vain in her head resulting in the killer headache she had now. That son of hers had gotten worse ever since his father had been blown up in Iraq four years ago.

She smiled at the small picture that sat pride of place by the front door. Of her and Darrel and Leo who was about five or six went the picture was taken. They all looked so happy with little Leo sitting proudly on his father's shoulders with Darrel's military beret sat on top of his auburn hair.

Leo was most definitely his father's son. Not only in looks but in personality too. A bit of a jack the lad. Still was really just his time keeping had completely diminished.

Mary ran up the stairs turned left and banged on Leo's door "Leo come on! I need to get to work" Although she wished she didn't have to. She hated that place and didn't know how long she could cope moping up blood and sick and god only knows what from the local hospital's floor.

She had enough of this and opened the door. Normally Mary would expect her son to be sprawled out, half on the bed half on the floor with his adorable bed hair sticking up in all directions. But today was not a normal day. Leo was not in his room, his bed had not been slept in all night and his window was wide open.

"Oh I'm going to kill that boy!" Mrs McKenzie shouted out of his window.

Ten streets away Leo McKenzie awoke with a start. His head hurt from the amount of alcohol he had consumed last night and he wasn't completely sure why he had slept in a large dustbin. Above him Big Ben struck eight o'clock. Oh shit! He thought. He had fifteen minuets to get to college or he would be put on a red report for the fifth time this month.

One more card and it would be explosion. Not that Leo really cared. He firmly believed that it was his father's fault that he had to stay on for an extra year at West London College. If his father had been alive and home at the time of his GCSE's he wouldn't have failed.

He climbed out of the dustbin and shook himself off. He would have to go to college in his clothes that he wore last night, a white shirt, black jeans and a skinny tie that had made its way around his forehead. No matter, no one would notice apart from his mates who he was with last night. The same ones that left him in a dustbin!

He made his way out to the main road to get his bearings. Thousands of people all on their daily commute in and out of London past him with out giving him a second glance which he appreciated at this time. He realised he was on the end of Oxford Street outside Primark.

Know he knew where he was he was reassured that it would only take him ten minuets to walk to college from here which would leave him five minuets to take a very quick shower in the PE department before classes began. He had just started walking when a purple moped parked up beside him. The rider took of her helmet to reveal long bleach blond hair and two enormous green eyes. "Hi Leo" said she sitting back on her vehicle and smirked at him.

Leo turned to her with a displeased look on his face "Hi Sam, nice of you to join me, I ‘spose you couldn't have picked me up earlier, say last night before you let me take a nap in a dustbin?"

Sam just threw back her head and laughed "I've just gone round to your mum's house. I said you crashed at my place last night, she was pretty pissed off but gave me your stuff and a change of clothes so you gonna get on or not?"

Leo grinned and got on Sam's moped. Thy got there with ten minuets to spare so Leo had a shower and changed into the jeans and green hoodie his mum had put in for him and ran off to his tutor group.

Inside the dull, depressing class room was all of his mates who had had been out with the previous night and a few others that he didn't associate himself with. He and Sam made their way to their favourite table with Jack, Liam, Lee and Michael already there.

"Hey, look who it is! It's Leo the dustbin man!" Joked Liam patting Leo on the back.

Leo chuckled and sat down next to Jack "It's a right sight better place to sleep than your room mate" said he making every one laugh.

"Mr McKenzie are you quite done with all the hilarity?" came a woman's voice behind Leo. Leo turned around to come face to face with Ms Pointer his fierce form tutor who he had an immense dislike for. He swallowed, not in the mood for a stand off just yet, not with the killer hangover he had this morning and said "yes Ms Pointer"

"Yes Ms Pointer" mimicked Jack playfully when she turned her back.

Whilst the old bat was talking Leo turned towards his oldest friend, Jack Fox. The pair had met the first day of secondary school and they had been inseparable ever since. Although they were not biologically related they both looked almost the same. They both had piercing grey eyes, the same angular nose but whereas Leo had deep red spiky hair, Jack's was a rich coco colour.

"Where did you go last night?" asked Leo already knowing the answer even before Jack had opened his mouth.

"After leaving you, we went to the Jubjub club and then crashed at Michael's"

"Pick up any birds?"

"No, there was no talent last night, or they could have been avoiding us because of your drunken state"

"What do you mean? The birds love me. I guarantee you that I can pick up any girl you tell me too."

"Ha! Please!" Exclaimed Sam a little bit too loudly, enough to earn a scathing look from Ms Pinter

"What's the problem Samantha Jones? You don't believe me? Go on then pick any girl you see and I will get her interested in me" said Leo cockily.

Samantha wrinkled up her nose to show she was in deep thought as she looked around the room. Her eyes settle on a geeky girl that was on the table opposite them with mousy blond hair. "Ok how about her" said she sitting back in her chair and folding her arms across her chest.

"What Helena Cast? No problem!" exclaimed Leo. He focused his eyes on her and turned on hi most charming smile until she looked at him.

"Hi" he mouthed to her

"Hi" she replied silently

"You look beautiful today"


"I would love to get to know you more; you have gorgeous eyes by the way"

With that her cheeks flushed a tomato red and a shy smiled broke out. She hastily wrote something down on a piece of paper and gave it to her friend how passed it to Sam who passed it to Leo.

Suddenly the bell went and Leo saw Helena shoot out of the room before he could open the piece of paper. It was her phone number.

"Ha! Told ya!" he exclaimed triumphantly to Sam who just shook her head.      

The End

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