A 21st Century boy meets a 19th Century female vampire and falls in love. However his long term best friend Samantha or Sam has other ideas.

Chapter 1

1859- London

Water runs like blood, downhill but not always in the same direction. Unfortunately Heather Mentzel found this out far too late.

It had rained heavily in London over the past few hours. Puddles still sat stagnant on the cobbled street floor. The precipitation had gradually turned to a thick persistent fog which clung to Heather's dull brown dress like a second skin.

She stopped on the edge of the curb, sighed and looked around. In her hand was a well read letter with ornate handwriting from an unknown. Above her Big Ben chimed signalling that it was midnight.

Midnight was the time the letter said to meet. The street was empty apart from a few prostitutes that littered the corners down the opposite end of the street. Oh how Heather hated those women! Mainly because her mother had been one and had died at the hand of her last client, a violent sailor who had expected too much of a thirty nine year old woman. He had tried it with her afterwards but Heather was too fast for him. That fat barstard!

 Completely out of the blue a silky male voice came into her left ear "are you looking for business lady?"

Heather smirked and without bothering to turn to face him she replied "no sir I am not, I'm waiting for someone"

When the voice spoke next he sounded disgruntled but very dangerous "now you listen to me Heather, I'll give you a ten second head start and after those ten seconds are up and you are still standing here I will take you right here"

Heather didn't need to be told twice.

She ran for her life, her black hair escaping from her bun, shoes splashing through the puddles, the world flying past her. Until she tripped. She felt herself being picked up and slammed against the brick wall. She never saw his face for there was no street lamps down that alleyway. All she felt was a sharp pain piercing her neck and the snap of it as he broke her neck.

Her dead body slid down the wall after the monster had his feed and landed in a crumpled heap on the floor.

A small amount of blood tricked out of her neck and got washed away with the new rain that had just begun again.      

The End

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